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tAPI Mo' Stuff Mod!

What should come next?

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  • Swords

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  • Tools

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  • Enemies

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Disclaimer: This mod contains overpowered weapons and may ruin your Terraria experience.

Mo' Stuff Mod V. 0.6

Things I Will Make In The Future:

New Bosses!
New Enemies!
New Tools!
New Weapons!
New NPCs!



The Super Gold Sword

Blade Of Hardmode
Super Gem Sword
Sword Of Power
Rolling Pin
Holy Longsword
Vii Remote
Pirate Hook
Dirt Sword


Soul of Anger

More Coming Soon!

How to install:

1. Download the tAPI file
2. Double click the tAPI file
3. Reload the ''Mods'' tab in tAPI
4. Enable my mod and enjoy!



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