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Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by Safeman, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Hello Mobile Terrarians,

    We have amazing news! Next week we are going to announce the winners who have been chosen to participate in the Terraria mobile 1.3 Beta!

    Combo pic Mobile mp.png

    This is your last chance to register for the Terraria mobile 1.3 Beta. In order to register you need to go to Join the Terraria Discord Server! and fill out the registration form in the beta-registration channel.

    Registration for the Beta will end on July 11th at 9:00AM PST.

    We will then announce the winners on July 11th at 12:00PM PST in the beta-registration channel.

    Tell the world that Terraria Mobile 1.3 is coming very soon!
  2. 505Games

    505Games Publisher/Developer Staff Member 505 Games

  3. demizegg

    demizegg Official Terrarian

    terraria_guide_its_happening (2).gif
    Super exciting to see that 1.3 mobile is finally going to be coming so soon!
  4. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Is this the appropriate time to regret my life choices of never buying a proper mobile device? ;(

    Only jossing. :) Good luck to all applicants!
  5. RApoZa

    RApoZa Terrarian

    I can't send my formulary, some help?
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  6. Olegrizz90

    Olegrizz90 Terrarian

  7. jhordandbv

    jhordandbv Terrarian

    Hope to be between the chosen, it's been like a hell outta time waiting
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  8. Sonic_X

    Sonic_X Terrarian

    This is the best news ever :) I am so hyped for this :)
  9. RockaBen99

    RockaBen99 Terrarian

    It's getting closer!
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  10. Ganeriax

    Ganeriax Terrarian

    This news made my day better! Good luck to all the candidates, I hope I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm so excited for this :passionate:
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  11. Mardekoya

    Mardekoya Terrarian

    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 5, 2019, Original Post Date: Jul 5, 2019 ---
    So does anyone know the amount or ram required to run this?

    Is it only telling us the winners or actually giving the beta for us to play?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 5, 2019
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  12. TerrarianMustafa

    TerrarianMustafa Spazmatism

    I remember reading somewhere that at least 1GB RAM is needed

    VERDURA Terrarian

    Empolgadooooo depois de esperar tanto
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  14. Umph

    Umph Terrarian

    Mad hype for this, got my fingers crossed
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  15. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Can't sign up, unfortunately, because there's just not enough time for me to be beta testing.
    However, I do wish the best of luck to everyone who applied.
  16. AlphaEspeon

    AlphaEspeon Skeletron Prime

    Definitely got my fingers crossed, super hyped!
  17. FlashDash

    FlashDash Terrarian

    Good gods above I hope I get picked. I have a character for every class (Melee, Magic, Ranged, Summon), so I'm prepared for testing weapons and armors!

    MOBILE GAMER Terrarian

    Yes ss I'm hype here in the Philippines yey 1.3 go go go:eek::eek:;(;(
  19. Yologuyleet2

    Yologuyleet2 Terrarian

    hope it's not laggy
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  20. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    Same here. I don’t play PC at all (because my computer is not very good at running Terraria) Mobile is the only platform I play on.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 6, 2019, Original Post Date: Jul 6, 2019 ---
    Even if I don’t get picked, I will still remember that it is in its beta stage. I hope I get picked.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 6, 2019 ---
    Will you send an email out to the people who get in? I won’t be able to go on Discord at that time.

    Very excited weather or not I get picked! (I hope I do):kingslime::rslime:
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 6, 2019 ---
    Last question: What does it mean when it’s in Beta? I know your done with the Alpha stage when you enter Beta. Is the estimated release date in the next few months because the update is in beta, and your doing bug fixes and stuff like that? I’m just curious.
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