Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

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More surprised emojis. Well, today’s the big day off all of us Terrarians. Weather or not you or me get picked for the beta, it’s still a big day. Good luck to me and all of you how applied! I am hoping to soon test the mobile 1.3 update so the final release can be as awesome as possible!
If we don't get picked (which is more than likely) I hope that we get the official update beta tester please do a good and honest job!
I will most likely not be picked, but I also do hope the official update comes out soon, even if I get picked. I really want to play with my friends when the update drops!
If I get into the Beta, I will promise to be as honest as possible! I like Beta testing games (I’ve done it before) and I would love to beta test Terraria Mobile, which is my favorite. Good luck to all who applied!
"How long after the beta" = depends on what said beta uncovers... on top of the work yet to be done that is known already. Hard to say.

RL is not drawing/selecting - the process is being run through 505 Games (so I don't know any more than you do atm)
I'm really excited too but I have a very trusty feeling that none of us will test the update sadly ;(
All I'm saying is..don't get your hopes up!
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