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Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by Safeman, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    I mostly use my PC for stuff like homework and such.
  2. Hey I've got a question for future purposes. What if you win the beta registration, but you don't own a copy of Terraria Mobile? Would this cause a problem?
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  3. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    I think it would. I mean, if the beta is for the mobile version and you don’t have it, so yeah, it might cause a problem, but nothing too big. If you want to be in beta then get the app now so there would be no problems.
  4. I would if I have money, though in a hard time right now so...
  5. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    If you don't already have the mobile version already, I would think that would be a severe detriment to being chosen for beta. I'm fairly sure they want people who are already familiar with the mobile version.

    This isn't intended to be a way for people to get a free copy of the game.

    disclaimer - I'm not involved with choosing people for beta
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  6. Jayfox

    Jayfox Terrarian

    Why can't we all get the beta!?

    Oops didn't mean to reply to your comment
  7. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    I am pretty excited for this beta. I have been playing mobile for 3 years and love it a lot and hoping to get picked!:rslime::joy::bluslime::gslime::pinky::pinky::pslime::yslime::bslime::cslime::islime::lslime::sslime::hoppinjack::kingslime:
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  8. Ganeriax

    Ganeriax Terrarian


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  9. Phoenix798

    Phoenix798 Skeletron Prime

    They have to be careful Because they don’t want anybody posting the game to any websites where people can play it for free.

    If someone does this it would betray the trust of a lot of people and it’s basically hacking into the computers, copying all the files and posting it as your own. In other words, Hacking and Plagiarizing.
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  10. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    Who here has maxed accounts on mobile and can't wait to fight the Lunatic Cultist? I even built an arena in advance on my maxed account for when the update drops.
  11. Mine®

    Mine® Terrarian

    I am already applied, (at the time that selective beta form has announced) but I can't make it faster, could I buy terraria beta if I get choosen?
    (someone please tell me, is it going to be in play store or somewhere else? If it'll be in play store, what makes it diffrent from other betas like minecraft betas? You can buy beta minecraft if you haven't bought minecraft yet)
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  12. TommyH001

    TommyH001 Terrarian

    You can’t make what faster? And you won’t be able to “BUY” the beta version of the game instead you download it from a link they will give to selected users
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  13. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    Good. I’m hoping to play the beta (If I get in which I want to) on my iPhone 6s Plus. I bet it is able to run 1.3 well. I think my phone has well over 1GB if RAM on it. Can’t wait to learn more about the update (and the release date of course)!:D:rslime:
  14. FlashDash

    FlashDash Terrarian

    So that means they give us prepared characters then, eh? Oh well, our maxed characters can be used when the actual update rolls out
  15. Skadoodle

    Skadoodle Official Terrarian

    i dont think soo... i beleave u will still be able to use ur saves when they gave u the beta... cuz if not... that would be a little lot of memory to download
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  16. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    That does sounds like it would be the case. I really hope I get picked because I am looking forward to it (not too much tough, just in case I don’t get picked). Side note: who’s nervous that they’re not going to be picked? Even though I put PC, Xbox, and Mobile as the platforms I played on, I feel like it would determine weather I get picked or not. Besides, it is a low chance for me to get picked. I have only played the Xbox 360 version at my friend’s house, I then got Mobile a day later because I loved the game. This was 3 years ago. Now, I have been playing on mobile for a while now. PC for me, I am having issues (after hours of gameplay, Terraria on my PC doesn’t run that well) but I have knowledge about the update, and I can’t change what I put. I don’t want to contact a moderator because I didn’t put anything wrong in the submission form. Sorry for the long reply, but I just had to get my nervousness out.
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  17. RavenRing

    RavenRing Terrarian

    I can't wait for Terraria 1.3 Mobile, as I've waited for it very long since it was announced.
    Good job, Re-Logic.
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  18. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    This is it, Terrarians! One of the final stretches, and why not celebrate with an old, favorite meme of mine! ~:p
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  19. Celtique

    Celtique Skeletron Prime

    I'm in hehehe
    I believe I have all time to beta test in search for bugs if selected.
    My current conditions approves (picture)


    Greetings everybody!
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  20. Quackinton

    Quackinton Eye of Cthulhu

    We’re close! We just have to wait.:(
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