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Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by 505Games-Mobile, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Weping7

    Weping7 Official Terrarian

    yay, but to bad i cant glitch the game sooo much anymore,
    its just that satisfying when you see mushrooms on trees and the terrablade having 100000 damage and the guide spinning in circles forever...
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  2. xaimuu

    xaimuu Terrarian

    Thank you for all the fixes!! I was wondering why Duke kept dropping lesser health potions... Now I see it was a bug. Lol. ^_^

    My only issue at the moment is that my angler disappeared and no matter what I do, he won't come back. I've built him a house, I've fished a ton at both oceans, I've planted palm trees, I've swam around... I guess he just does not want to return. :p
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  3. cuongking99

    cuongking99 Terrarian

    So Windows Phone to wait anymore
  4. dark_lord

    dark_lord Terrarian

    Aaaa the hallow still uses the jungle music,and the underground crimson is now also the jungle music
    The queen spider still disappears when an enemy touches her...
    (Just asking if it was fix)

    Ps:how do i get the dragon set??
  5. RJ1Zekrom

    RJ1Zekrom Skeletron Prime

    At least there is some progress to making it work...and addressing the issue is a logical reason y the update isn't coming out and the crashing issue's origin of the problem
  6. collcroc123

    collcroc123 Plantera

    Very Descriptive. :)
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  7. PandaICE

    PandaICE Terrarian

    There is still The trial bug guys. It still reverts back to demo. Need to fix this guys
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  8. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    You have to go to the beach and find him again (bug).
  9. ShroomiteBunny

    ShroomiteBunny Skeletron Prime

    ... I'm finally not drowning in the ocean. Nice.
    A feeew questions. Well, not really questions.
    1) Is that 'monster can spawn near NPCs blah blah' thing SERIOUSLY intentional?
    2) I know it's, ughhh, Valentines and all, but hearts everywhere are just...
    3) Ducks spawn on-screen... So do NPCs
    4) Stiiiilll no idea whether having access to the player/world files is impossible. No one from 505games bothered to give an answer.
    5) Bad luck or fireflies are just rare? Haven't seen a lot of them. Once per a few days two/three appear.
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  10. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    They’re somewhat rare. When they do spawn, there’s usually multiple of them.
  11. DreamNightmare

    DreamNightmare Terrarian

  12. dark_lord

    dark_lord Terrarian

    Since the update the screen turns gray for about 5 seconds and then it turns back to the original color(its not my phone all my other games work fine)

    Can someone pls tell me how to get the Chinese dragon set pls:(
  13. tapbeat

    tapbeat Skeletron Prime

    wait a sec wait a sec...the queen spider vanishing thing was a BUG?????? The world makes sense now. And I thought that thing was useless.
  14. TheTHING

    TheTHING Terrarian

    1.Corman watches, why they can not be crafting? Please correct.
    2.why the seller does not have a goblin on sale for the construction of the line?
    3.Some hats are not displayed correctly on the character, making him bald.
    4.event (frosty moon), santa-NK1 does not correctly display a second step, without the robot faces!
    5.It will be able to create the size of the world? on the ps vita, it is possible, on mobile, why not?

    I apologize for the error, Google translator :)
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  15. Inforno_Fire

    Inforno_Fire Terrarian

    Facepalm, did anyone fix the shroomite and flame wing glitch yet?
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  16. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    So it was a glitch that you’re constantly able to be in stealth mode with Flame Wings? Even when walking.
  17. TheGingerHeadMan

    TheGingerHeadMan Terrarian

    Mounts? I have killed queen bee around 50 times, she isn't dropping honeyed goggles. I've only done king slime about 10 times, no mount there. Are only fishing mounts actually in? GP update notes to 1.2.4 said 5 New mounts...
  18. DreamNightmare

    DreamNightmare Terrarian

    I think you can only hack the Chinese Dragon set :(
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 12, 2016, Original Post Date: Feb 12, 2016 ---
    The Jungle music in the background for some devices is just because of the size you zoom, when I use my iPad, it don't play the Jungle music.
    I know that it is caused by the size you zoom in or out is because when I zoom in with my iPad, it plays the Jungle music. :(
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  19. dark_lord

    dark_lord Terrarian


    You need to try more they are rare drops ive said about 25-40 queen bees and maybe 5-15 king slimes and if your lucky, i got the bee mount in 98 trys:D
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2016
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  20. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    Nope. The Slimy Saddle is 1/33, the Honeyed Goggles are 1/100.
    In this case it is NOT related to zooming in or out.
    For me, I farm in the sky biome and Mythical Wyverns spawn. They drop the Vanity set.
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