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Mobile Mobile Terraria Easter Content & Bugfixes Galore!

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Apple has its own reviewing process, and from what I observed it takes longer than Amazon's.

And I'd like to know if the Floaty Grosses/Corrupter/Paladin spawns have been fixed. And crashing when switching apps isn't rare, its a given on my phone...
I don't think so.......... I checked, the spawn rates are still crappy and I didn't see any corruptors or floaty grosses. Well, cool update anyways!


Wow! I'm really excited for colored wire and visible accessories, and I can finally get the best prefixes for my Death Sickle and Magnet Sphere!:happy:

On a related note, I think I may be experiencing a small bug. It's March, but Diseaster Bunnies are already spawning, and I've fought Lepus a few times now. It's definitely not an issue, but I wanted to call attention to it.
Same. I fought Lepus, and it is still March.


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Just killed a Diseaster Bunny on an Android phone, date set properly to March 29th. No matter, even with game-start equipment they're not terribly tough. Don't think I'll use the Suspicious Looking Egg though.

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Did you even read my post or the posts the other ios users made? Most said: ANDROID GETS THE UPDATE FIRST, ITS NOT FAIR. WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT FIRST!
You were saying?
As much as I don't want to join this, as it's turning into a flamewar, I don't remember seeing any posts like that, just asking when for iOS, which is completely natural since iOS wasn't mentioned at all in the OP.

And the fact that iOS is behind is true, because we never got the bugfix update for the 1.2 mobile update.

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Doesn't have anything on IOS.
(Atleast, haven't found anything)


Well im done with that since I made my point.
OT I havent seen anything related to ios, but ill be nice and help you who havent complained.
aka ill stalk 505 for a while.


So, uh I've been grinding and farming for materials for the Ankh Shield (Armor Polish, Vitamins Etc.) Since two weeks after the 1.2 update came out, and haven't gotten a SINGLE Paladin, Corruptor or Floaty Gross yet. 'Tis getting super annoying, as I cannot get any of the top-tier items, except for the few I have (Terra Blade, Ankh Shield, The Horseman's Blade, All the other good crap).:mad::mad::mad::dryadmad::dryadmad::dryadmad::merchantmad::merchantmad::merchantmad::nursemad::nursemad::nursemad:~:mad:~:mad:`:mad:`:mad:`:mad:


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Like I said earlier... *Place game rage comment here*

Thats all im hearing from dissatisfied Google Play users, raging from iOS users not getting an update, and pretty much nothing on Amazon's note...


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Lepus can be a great way to farm souls. Seriously, just let him reproduce, and then kill all the Diseaster Bunnies. And let him reproduce Lepuses as well. Fun update, love it as much as I did last year. Which was a lot.
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