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Mobile Mobile Terraria News Update - Fixes & FAQs

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Um what about Samsung (are not getting the fishing update either )
So,far I have only found It on iPad and Iphone
I'm looking forward to it because I like fishing on the computer.


Have you checked the Play Store recently? My Samsung tablet and Android phone both got the fishing update soon as it came out. The tablet's version has the reverted-to-demo problem but it's got the right icon.


Righty then, the revert-to-trial bug is gone. To get past the Curse of the Eternally Spinning Thorn Chakram I had to uninstall and reinstall, trashing all my locally saved worlds and all my locally saved characters and start over for the (n+1)th time, but the game's working again at last.

Exasperated? Meeee? Not at all. Why, I didn't even crush the Galaxy tablet to powder with my bare paws, or burn holes in it with the patented Border Collie eye-laser, see? I love starting over from scratch. Yes I do.

Good thing the display is so reflective. Now, about these scorch marks all over my ceiling…
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There was another user in the other bug thread that had made use of backups to avoid the whole content deletion thing. Not sure if that would have worked for you....really sorry that you had to start over. :(

Glad it's working again for you though.


yes they did so stop being impatient and play some other game until it comes out :)

Stop being impatient?! YOU yourself said, and I quote, "Because it's unfair for us IOS users for android to have it early." Are you really that much of a hypocrite? You didn't even have to wait that long, they've been waiting since before Christmas!

Wayne Childs

The Wiki is wrong, as it often is. It is updated by the community, not the developers, and should not be considered official information.

Amazon is currently on version 1.2.10333, at least on my device, and that was last updated in September (according to the wiki). You are correct in that Amazon has not received any of the fishing/Duke update yet.

There was no Amazon update on Dec 22, as stated by the Wiki. The last news from 505Games on the update/patch front is this (from Dec 23):

There was nothing released on Dec. 23 for GooglePlay either, as they had hoped.

The certification teams for Apple, Google and Amazon were all shut down before Christmas and won't resume operations before Monday. That was completely out of 505Games' control. Hopefully this coming week will see some progress on getting updates/fixing bugs in users' hands.
Ok um...when is windows phone going to be updated I contacted windows phone support and they say they have already given permission and the support doesn't for terraria keeps giving me stupid answers
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