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Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games/DR Studios' started by Loki, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. dirtlord

    dirtlord Skeletron Prime

    I already submitted a ticket but I'm also going to mention this here

    Firstly: the in app purchase version updated instead of my purchase being transferred to the pay up front version.

    Second: I can't enter any world's it stops a "settling liquids 99%" and then closes the app without an error message.

    Third: I have 2 GB of RAM and my sister who has an identical device and the pay up front version doesn't have this issue
  2. Realkaykay

    Realkaykay Terrarian

    Umm. Will the update be on the amazon appstore? because that's where I bought the game. I can see the update on play store but it says not available in my country. Soo, what about the Amazon appstore?
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  3. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Are the worlds that aren't opening from 1.2 or new worlds from 1.3? Tiny, small, medium, or large?
  4. Realkaykay

    Realkaykay Terrarian

    Is this update global? Because it says not available in my country... ☹️☹️
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  5. Matsu

    Matsu Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, the update will be coming to Amazon devices at a later date.
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  6. John Levi

    John Levi Terrarian

    I got used to the controls pretty quickly. However, has cloud saving been removed? If so, I’m sure it will be back eventually. I just wanted a confirmation. Thanks for the amazing new update! :)
  7. True Excalibur

    True Excalibur Eye of Cthulhu

    This new update is the work of gods! My sister and I are trying so hard to defeat the lunatic cultist!!
  8. Ogggie

    Ogggie Terrarian

    My device is listed in the minimum requirements part, Galaxy Tab A, 2016, but it's saying I don't meet the requirements.
    Anything I can do?
  9. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Edit: Looks like TK answered, here's the part where you can convert your cloud save though.
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  10. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    There's no in-game cloud saving any longer, but you can backup and restore files to/from a cloud service. Explained in the first post.
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  11. AleWiin974

    AleWiin974 Terrarian

    Can someone who got Amazon (Android) version of the game tell me if he has already downloaded it pls ?
  12. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Your tablet does in fact meet the requirements, hmmm....

    Just to confirm this is your device? Correct? If so, does it say in the play store that you do not meet the requirements?
  13. Killer K

    Killer K Terrarian

    Hi, The update was awesome. I love that. Everything is awesome. control system is awesome too. But i have some questions. Can i assign sword to a button beside left thumb and axe to the button below it?

    How can i do that? Please asnwer. Thank you.

    Again everything is awesome.
  14. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    The Amazon version hasn't been released yet. We hope to have it "soon" but no date announced.
  15. Ogggie

    Ogggie Terrarian

    Yes, and yes, it says my device is no longer compatible
  16. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    No, the buttons are not currently assignable like that.

    We are sorting some issues with specific devices, others have reported the same issue with that device.

    Hope to get that resolved soon, DR Studios is aware of this.
  17. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Interesting... Okay so try clearing the play store data and cache and checking to see if you can download it again. You can do this by:

    Edit: Ninja'd looks like DR Studios is investigating and handling it.

  18. Caedus116

    Caedus116 Plantera

    Hey. I just loaded the game and it had my characters from my Xbox 360??? What's going on lol. I thought it'd load my Xbox One characters if anything. Or is that gonna be an option later on when it's caught up with Console?
  19. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Maybe you just had old mobile characters that have the same name as your Xbox characters. There isn't any crossplay possible between console and mobile right now.
  20. DotJason

    DotJason Terrarian

    Well, probably not the best place to write about it, but still
    I find it really confusing that left stick no longer allows you to jump (yes, it does if you tug it up twice, but that took me 5 minutes to figure out and it's horribly uncomfortable). I find it impossible to play using the separate jump button on the right side.
    Any chance that will be reconsidered in further patches?
    Or am I missing something? Because I don't see anything related in the settings...
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