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Mobile Mobile Thanksgiving Update - Coming November 6th


Brain of Cthulhu
This update looks great, but will it fix the bug with the tap aim not working? Just a question.
Wishe Pc had tukerys
Well I wish mobile had the crimson, the frost moon and pumpkin moon events, plantera, gollem, and all the other things in PC. Be happy


This update looks great, but will it fix the bug with the tap aim not working? Just a question.
snipitty snippity double post snap
I want them to remove tap-aim COMPLETELY. It's so annoying sometimes, and I got killed by tons of bosses because of it. :/


the update made it to where terraria wont open anymore!!!! all it says is downloading url and gives me a black screen!!!!! what do i do?? ive lost everything havnt I....


Wow, that's a big turkey! Looks like it is connected to the huge table, and is it me or is there a health bar on the food as well?


Duke Fishron
Is it really rare to get the Cursed Stuffing? (P.S. THIS TURKY IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!)


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I got the update and I was looking thru my chests and found cursed stuffing horn of plenty and a turkey feather.......wtf is up with that
[DOUBLEPOST=1415245425][/DOUBLEPOST]When will make bile get the Xbox and pc content:(


Duke Fishron
On the app icon and update art (added on page 1-2 days ago) is the player having pioneer clothes on. Are these in the actual update or is it just too good to be true?


Skeletron Prime
If someone could explain exactly how Turkor is summoned, that would be super cool. I know it involves the Cursed Stuffing and maybe the Turkey pet, but how...?
...and which enemies drop the Cursed Stuffing? What does the item look like?
...and how does the Horn of Plenty work?


Skeletron Prime
Very nice update, really did enjoy killing the new boss, but it does take ages to get the cursed chicken, and having to pay a Platnium every time I want to fight him seems expensive. I was hoping it to be similar to Lepus where it drops the suspicious looking egg
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