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Mobile trading


I'm looking for someone with a bunch of Chlorophyte bullets to trade. I'll accept 999-2997. If it's 999, i'll give 10 Platinum coins. If it's 1998 or higher PM me about the trade.

Chasm Guardian

Dang, I just wish that the app could work on Andriod. I am in terrible need of a crappy gun (arms dealer), a tinkerer's workshop (Can't find the Goblin tinkerer, haven't defeated Skeletron yet, and tok scare to venture into dungeon), and a source of Hellstone.


@Oscar Shi what you need to do is get a few bombs. Enter the corruption. Traverse gently down until you see a purplish orb. Blow that up and a gun should come out (musket, but other things can come out (starband and some other things).

Anyways this should get the arms trader to come. He sells the minishark for 25 gold. Totally worth it. Get some decent armour (I recommend at least jungle armour, maybe platinum if your pretty good) anyways go to the old Man, defeat skeletron and you can now make your way down to te dungeon.

Here you will find gold keys and locked gold chests. These chests contains one of these: muramasa, flail I do not remember the name of, shadow key (these unlock shadow chests in the underworld), and other weapons.

The underworld is hell essentially. You dig and dig until you reach ash blocks (that's when you know your in hell). However equip ropes so you can safely drop down. Now dig and block yourself from the enemies (although you are still susceptible to a Bone Worm thing that goes through blocks). Now when you are digging hell stone (you need a crimson axe or corrupt axe (not sure of the names) you need to make sure the lava that appears when you break a hell brick, don't burn you.

Now that you have hell stone you can make molten armour. Molten armour is the best pre hard mode armour (or at least the strongest).


(Not sure where to put this thread in :p)
Im willing to trade.. a lot, but first...

-To trade, ye must have Multiterraria. Its an app that allows you to host and visit worlds of other players using the same app around the world. It costs a few bucks though
-Negotiations preferably done in a pm
-Please oh please honesty. No dupes or any stuff like that
-When we're finally trading, you place the item first. I have extreme trust issues. Hope yall understand.

Im willing to buy some valuable stuff, mainly rare drops or if possible. As much as possible, i want the things i buy obtained in a legitimate fashion, not through duping or meddling with the game code
Heres the list of things i want to buy:
-Musket Balls (Stacks)
-Empty Bullets (Stacks)
-Chlorophyte Ores/Bars
-Shroomite Bars
-Mechanical Summons
-Wisp in a bottle

Im willing to sell, well, whatever you like. Just say at the bottom, and if i have it, ill sell it! Anything from prehardmode weapons, souls, bars, boss drops, to pumpkin moon drops. The only things i cannot sell are ice queen drops since ive yet to reach wave 15.
Im only accepting platinum coins or some of the things i requested above.

Soo yeah. I need those items in preperation for the frost moon. Mining and replacing mud for those chlorophyte ores is just too much of a chore for me.

Note: iOS
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