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Hello, I just want to ask if there is a way to change the UI to the previous?
Its not bad, honestly that's great.
I'm just not used to using it, especially when I want to open the inventory and settings. Usually I just move my thumb slightly to open the inventory, but now i need to move it to top part of my screen. To be honest I don't know in what version it changed, I rarely update my game. I updated it because there was an update that I found interesting. But I have to go back because I'm having trouble playing it.
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Dungeon Spirit
It's been reworked alot since i had last played but there are alot of options in the settings. I personally only wish for custom button scale.
You can edit the layout of the various UI boxes as well. I am using the 2 page system since i choose to play with autopause inventory off (to use items in inventory)
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