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PC Mod and Play


Mod&Play (AKA Mod and Play) is a sandbox game currently running off Unreal Engine 4.25.1 (for those in the beta branch). Released on April 20 this year, it captured the imaginations of individuals like myself as new possibilities have opened up for people like me accustomed with Garry's Mod.

Similar to the latter game, players are sent into one of several maps with an assortment of:
  1. Non-functioning props (as in those that can serve many purposes, but break at the end of the day),
  2. Functioning props (entities),
  3. Vehicles,
  4. And weapons
for playing around. Edit, as of June 27: The SDK is released, so the modding can be more in-depth. As you may have read before, I have plans. `;)

Anyways, here's some screenshots demonstrating the entertainment I got thus far with this game. They are the tip of the iceberg since some were made at the last minute after realizing my other screenshots of these maps got deleted (as I felt that I did not want them anymore). I cordially invite you to share your screenies alongsides overall thoughts about it.

Didn't know I can remove the HUD entirely so the crosshair gets invisible, but I insisted on living with that for a while.
Quite possibly the only default map taking place on a real-world location, it is also the coolest. Bioworkers have an array of voicelines giving them some sort of personality I cannot fully grasp right now. `:p
The first map I downloaded from this game's Steam Workshop. Short and sweet, great for a robot uprising. `:D
There's several options for displaying your MP4 videos of interest.

Are you ready to mod and play? `:)
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