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So I've posted earlier that I had this idea for a mod I really wanted to happen and I figured I might as well post it here...never know right ?

So I've posted in the Terraria otherworld suggestion thread that I felt mounts of all kinds were too short-lived when it came to their usefulness in boss fights

so I thought to myself that it'd be nice to have a mount that grows alongside you throughout the whole game

Now I'm not saying the idea is perfect as it involves a HUGE amount of grind, but I feel as though it'd feel pretty satisfying

So how would the mod play out....:

Starting things afresh the mod would add a new boss

The Harpy queen

Wich can make her lair on any of the sky island of the world, if an harpy queen sets up on an island then a set amount horizontal range on the surface would see Harpies spawning to hunt, should you see harpies spawn when you're on ground level then the better idea would be to NOT set up in this area as the boss's turf can see a new event

The feeding frenzy

simply put its a on ground harpy invasion, spawned harpies will go after anything thats not a harpy, your village and townsfolks WILL be under siege if this happens after you've set up there, think of it as a meteo event, if it happens the most you can do is tough it out, to prevent such events the only way would be to find and kill the Harpy queen in her lair on one of the sky islands

The Harpy queen boss fight should lodge itself between skeletron and wall of flesh in terms of difficulty, not quite as resilient as skeletron but nowhere near as slow as the WoF,

As far as stats go

I could see her having 10 000 HP just below the skeletron's ATK value,
we'll say 28 ATK and a DEF value of 55

Her AI would be using something close to the twins, switching between phases where it would stay away to attack with barrages of feather projectiles and phases where it would attack with charges with a small delay in between

With each phase the harpy queen would call in harpies to assist her, when in her long range phase she'd call harpies to attack in close range and when attacking in melee range herself she'd call projectile harpies to cover her, thoses spawned harpies would not despawn unless killed

Upon defeating her, you would obtain a single drop dubbed "harpy egg"

The harpy egg alows you to call a Harpy baby as a "mount", it'll just sit on your back, sitting in some kind of wraps that lets her be up against your back and not do much, it will however give you a permanent "featherfall" effect and nothing else at the moment

Upon completing WoF you will gain acces to the first upgrade of the Harpy mount, going to get souls of flight and feathers and feeding them to (I.E. craft ) the harpy baby (using the crystal ball) will upgrade the baby to a fully grown Harpy that'll act as normal "angel/demon" wings, the harpy would just be a normal harpy sitting on your shoulders, extending your hitbox by two blocks upward, the mount would retain its featherfall effect

From here on feeding the harpy a Giant Harpy feather and some souls of flight would result in the harpy mount being made into a Giant Harpy, being massively larger your hitbox changes from the 5 x 2 blocks to a 6 x 3 blocks hitbox and the giant harpy is large enough that the harpy is now the one carrying you on its back, its flight capabilities are extended and it still retains the permanent feather fall effect, as a side effect her mount item gets a right click ability that allows you to summon her as a combat pet (however the item could only summon ONE harpy mount while further summons would summon normal harpies)

from here on feeding the Harpy mount wing crafting items alongside souls of flight would slightly boost her ability to fly plus give her perks such as automatic melee attacks, ranged attacks, slight light generation....etc etc...

Eventually her growth would hit a new milestone around fishron as you can feed her the Fishron wings wich enables her unlimited flight, this new form would make her slightly more massive with a 7x3 hitbox, her summon function also gets upgraded slightly to summoning the same melee and ranged harpies the Harpy queen spawned in her fight, one of each per added summon after mount itself is summoned...

Eventually her last form would be what I like to call the "Celestial" at this point the harpy grew in strength to such an extent its more or less a friggin god

Feeding the harpy mount all four of the wings obtained from the lunar events/moonlord alongside more souls of flight (always more)she grows to a four winged form wich features a wing per lunar pillar, her attacks are replaced with lunar pillar themed attacks (fire balls, lasers, lightning, summons) and all theses would trigger at random unless you wear a specific type of armor at wich point she would align herself on your armor set, for example: wearing the solar set would make her always use fireballs, wearing the stardust set would make use only summons Etc etc...Being the last form of its evolution she becomes absolutely MASSIVE with a 8x4 hitbox...

I know
Sounds like a bit of a over-ambitious mess that only the most dedicated could put out...so with lil' old me that just ain't happening, no experience in anything mod-making...BUT STILL...Sounds awesome to me....
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