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Did you ever actually use Mod of Randomness?

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Bug report: I was trying a playthrough with one of my friends but when I tried to spawn the strange portal mini boss using the anomaly detector to fight seed of infection, the boss spawn effect played then nothing else happened. Not sure if its a problem on my end or if the boss doesn't work in multiplayer.


so is there anyone here who can give a guide on how to get all of the items required to summon king slayer III? I am playing as a druid in expert mode


The wiki says plutonium is post moon lord but you can get it with laser drill from the martian event. I know the wiki is outdated but I want to make sure that it isn't a bug


I personally farm king slime for mass-money-gathering, tho I'm not sure if you're playing on expert or normal, and I always play on expert.
thank you, I actually already beat him before you posted this message lol, also, I think King Slayer might be my favorite terraria boss fight I have ever fought, so this is the official start of the king slayer III fan club

it says to add new post I have to edit this one, so does anyone know how to actually SEE anything in the souless caverns?
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