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Mod suggestion: The Ratchet and Clank weapons mod

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If any of you have played Racthet and clank, you are probably familiar with its wide array of weapons, from the classic mine glove,to the more recent, but popular Mister Zurkon.

I have an idea for a mod that adds the various wacky weapons (and possibly some of the gadgets) to Terraria.

(i have very little coding skills, just a heads up)

Here are a sample of weapons that i think would work well in Terraria.

Lava gun: shoots a stream of lava at your enemies (sort of like the golden shower)

Bouncer: shoots out a bomb that explodes into bouncing little bomblets that can track enemies (i have no idea how the tracking thing would work)

Mr Zurkon: summons a small but bigoted drone that will go around shooting enemies and Make comments like these: http://ratchet.wikia.com/wiki/Mr._Zurkon/Quotes

mini turret glove: deploys a small stationary turret that shoots lasers at passing enemies

chopper: shoots ninja star-ish things that home in on enemies

and of course: the R.Y.N.O: shoots a volley of nine rockets that each can home into enemies

(for modders: here is a link to the complete ratchet and clank weapons list: http://ratchet.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_weapons )

let me know if you like this idea and if there are any other weapons you think would fit well into this mod, and if anyone will actually want to help me make this mod.

ratchet and clank belongs to insomniac games
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