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Modded Gear In Terraria Otherworld?


Skeletron Prime
I have a question for the community and the T:OW dev team alike: will the devs add items from popular mods like Calamity or Spirit?

I personally would really like this, as some items from mods would fit REALLY nicely into the game. For example, the Cosmolight from Calamity(it changed day into night and vice versa) would be amazing in Terraria Otherworld!

Yoma Amaya

In my opinion it would be more a wish then a though to add such things. I played Calamity all the way upwards and enjoyed it, yet the items from this mod are not so fitting in the games own 'style'. For Thorium, Spirit and alike I cannot state myself because I didn't played them yet. There may be some exceptions I missed but I am open to get teached otherwise.

Also, the cosmolight would make the Sun dial thiggy completly useless!:dryadwink:
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