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  1. Buckybomb

    Buckybomb Terrarian

    Modern? Does spongebob count? because i totally love the modrn spongbob!1!!

    It's the worst show :p
  2. Aw, man, this thread hits me where I live. xD

    Some Cartoons I HATE/Dislike:
    1. Teen. Titans. GO. This goes in the dislike part, I just can't go with it because of the original show.
    2. Clarence. I just can't get along with this show...
    3. Um...IDK, but there probably is one.

    Cartoons I love/like:
    1. Steven Universe. Oh my god, this started as a silly, action cartoon, then as the story developed, I fell in love. Freaking Steven fused with Connie is just awesome.
    2. Adventure Time...:indifferent: Sorta love hate at this point. Still good...but too sexually serious.
    3. Amazing World of Gumball. After, like, three voice actor changes in a row, I was worried, but it's still stupidly funny. xD
    4. Gravity Falls. Enough said. (But seriously. freaking great art style, and that FNAF episode :D)

    Nothing else peaks my interest anymore...I've drifted into Anime with my friend for guidance. I flipped out when I saw the trailer for a new DBZ. I really want it to be good...
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    I found someone who agrees with me on the Spongebob deal.
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  3. Buckybomb

    Buckybomb Terrarian

    I never got why Clarence gets the hate it does. I like the show because it really hits home because it does a lot of the things I did as a kid. I like it, It's charming.
  4. Burnscars

    Burnscars Fire Bad

    Yeah, Teen Titans GO! isn't that good. It's only slightly better than Pokemon. ~:rolleyes:
  5. krawky398

    krawky398 Spazmatism

    I love me some Rick and Morty. One day last year I realized they had all of season one on Adult Swim's site, decided to try it since I'd heard good things, and I got hooked. And now Season 2's here and still being pretty good stuff.

    Other than that, though, I don't really watch a lot of stuff, being an anime guy! I do like catching American Dad if it's on, though. In my opinion, Family Guy's long gone to crap and Cleveland Show was never really good, so American Dad's the only good Macfarlane show left.
    I've been watching the subs and it's starting off with retelling Battle of Gods, but it's still pretty good so far. But more details are best left saved for the anime thread.
  6. I dunno, I guess with some people it doesn't...IDK, I guess sit well. *Shrug* It's not really that bad, in all reality.
  7. EeveeWarrior

    EeveeWarrior Skeletron Prime

    let me list some that I like

    Cartoon network:
    Gumball - stupid and hilarious stories and characters
    Clarence - actually somewhat realistic, but still funny
    Regular show - I like how normal everyday actions end up starting an epic quest of stupid
    Sonic boom - knuckles. nuf said
    Rick and morty - science!!!!!

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles - I like the mix of serious and silly
    Harvey beaks - reminds me of Chowder

    Disney channels
    Gravity falls - so! many! questions!!!
    Wander over yonder - space, friendship, and action
  8. XenoCat

    XenoCat Steampunker

    The new TMNT on Nick is cool, and I basically watch everything on Cartoon Network, except for Clarence. (Not that it's a bad show, I just don't actively watch it.)

    Oh yeah, Sonic Boom. That exists. I don't watch that.
  9. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Steven universe is pretty good.
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  10. Robot Scout

    Robot Scout Terrarian

    I pretty much watch two shows on Disney. Gravity falls and dog with a blog.
    Cartoon network: Steven universe, and we bare bears.
    Nick: Never been on it.