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Moon Event Crafting Drops


The Destroyer
First a bit of a preface.
SzGamer's done a bit for fixing the Raven Staff specifically. It's a good step, but I'd like to go a bit further.
Also, LoM2 has done some work for other 1.2 bosses which is worth mentioning. I don't agree with everything there, but it's more than worth a look.

On to the meat of this suggestion.

Back in 1.1 and previous versions, the game was about grabbing materials from bosses to make badass weapons, as opposed to getting the weapons themselves. Now, I can understand the potential reasoning behind the RNG system - it encourages repeatedly besting the events and getting to high wave levels for the increased drop rate, and it discourages single-class playthroughs, both of which are reasons I can agree with. Now, call me an optimist, but I have a little bit more faith in the playerbase, and I think that they'll take on the events on for the fun of it, not just the loot.

I therefore propose, that, like 1.1 and prior bosses, the Moon Event minibosses drop crafting materials, as opposed to the weapons themselves.

As suggested by Milt, the items will require an amount of these materials that's larger than normal for weapons of their type. The bosses would also drop more and more of their material as the event progresses.

Mourning Wood:

The Mourning Wood already drops Spooky Wood and the Spooky Twig. The Spooky Twig would have doubled drop rate. I would also have the Mourning Wood's drops retooled to have the Spooky Hook and Necromantic Scroll (Because it's paper, see?) be crafted with Spooky Wood, and the Stake Launcher, and possibly Cursed Sapling, be made with a Spooky Twig in addition to Spooky Wood.


Pumpking drops Black Fairy Dust. Its drop rate would be a little less than tripled. I would have Pumpking also drop Jack-o'-Lantern Fire in a similar manner that the MW drops Spooky Wood. This would be placeable, a la Living Fire, but the fires would be more stylized. And Spookier. That should go without saying. The Horseman's Blade, Candy Corn Rifle, and Jack 'O Lantern Launcher would require Spooky Wood and JoL Fire. The Bat Scepter and Raven Staff would be made with Black Fairy Dust and Spooky Wood.

It gets tougher for the Frost Moon, because the bosses have no existing drops. But I will change that! I must!


I propose that Pine Tree Blocks no longer drop from Presents, and instead drop from the Everscream in a similar manner to Spooky Wood for the Mourning Wood. All of the Everscream's drops would then be crafted via Pine Tree Blocks.


This one has two options - one, I could do with Candy Cane blocks what I did with Pine Tree Blocks for the Everscream. Alternatively, I could introduce a suitably silly item, like Tinsel Bars, or whatnot. I personally prefer the latter, but take your pick. The Elf Melter and Chain Gun would then be crafted with that material.

Ice Queen:

The Ice Queen would now drop Diamond Dust, at one per kill, until you got to the bonus waves. At that point, it would increase by one per wave, up until dropping 5 Diamond Dusts at wave 20. It would take 18 Diamond Dust alongside some Tinsel Bars to create the Snowman Cannon, Blizzard Staff, and North Pole. Note that in the earliest wave, it would take an average of 22 kills to get one of those items, and in the latest wave, it would take 13. The number of Diamond Dusts required is negotiable. I would also have Ice Wings introduced, which would be sparkling, crystalline wings with equal flight time to Spooky wings, but with faster horizontal movement.

Comments and criticism, as always, is appreciated.
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Good idea, fixes a lot of the RNG involved with the moon events as well as adding more reasons to fight the moon events with the addition of the JoL Fire. Personally, I would change the Pine Tree Blocks to just Pine Leaves or similar, as the current name sounds more like a building material than a weapon crafting material, and make them placeable similar to the JoL Fire suggested. Good suggestion, and I would like to see this in the game.


Sounds interesting. I myself don’t really care all too much about it, but I seewhy others would. Any ways, to make sure people still want to achieve higher wave times, each item will also require a relatively high amount of each respective material, andthe moon bosses drop more of said material the higher the wave.


The Destroyer
to make sure people still want to achieve higher wave times, each item will also require a relatively high amount of each respective material, andthe moon bosses drop more of said material the higher the wave.
I - I didn't think of that. Why didn't I think of that? That is an excellent idea. I'm adding that to the main post.
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