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Moon Lord color scheme to similar to the Vortexian Color Scheme

Which one?

  • Yes, its to simaler so change it

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • No, dont change it

    Votes: 3 33.3%

  • Total voters


The color scheme for Terraria's final boss is way to similar to the vortexian color scheme. It should've been a mix of all the celestial / lunar elements so now, Moon Lord looks like Vortex Lord. which gives the players a idea that Vortex is dominant between all. It would be okay if moon lords "glowing areas" were black, as a mix of all the colors, or some of them Solar, others nebula, and some of them Stardust or Vortex. It's not just the Core color, like Solars orange, or nebulas Purple, the enemy's or pillars have a secondary color, like Stardusts Dark Blue or Nebulian Dark Purple, Vortexes Peachish color is the same as moon lords, i mean, what the heck! The Vortex Pillar could be a Moon Lord Servant enemy and all the Vortex Pillar servant enemies! This is one of Terraria's biggest sprite problems, it just feels off. No offense Terraria Devs, this is still the best game ever made! Soo, i just hope this gets fixed!

Look at these and tell me you see what I mean! %:sigh:

Storm Diver Ω

Skeletron Prime
which gives the players a idea that Vortex is dominant between all.
You mean it isn't?

Being serious though I do agree with what you're saying, it would be nice if maybe each eye was a different colour, or they changed colours based on the attack they are performing. Orange for the Phantasm Deathray, Green for the Phantasm Bolts, Pink for the Phantasm spheres and blue for the Phantasm eyes.


Slime Collector
I never realized this until someone drew the Moon Lord with the 3 other color schemes for the TCF contest of 2017. It’d be sweet to see him representing all of the pillars.


Garak's point here is the range class has an absurd dps, relatively high defense, and little worry of consumption in a to the moon lord playthrough. But as for the actual suggestion, I'd go for the solution of the color scheme changing under certian conditions.
Thats a really good suggestion!

Uchiha sasuke

They should make the color scheme just switch periodically (based just on time not fight progress). It would be a simple touch that would go a long way.
Maybe his skin should change like the Midnight Rainbow Dye, except, instead of the colors of the rainbow, the colors of the pillars? This would, of course, happen slowly.


the Tremor Mod developers should add a Nova scheme (looks sort of like this-:sslime:) to Moon Lord if the Terraria Devs ever actually read this and try it.
The Pillars are what I'd imagine are different factions that serve under one being, Cthul... Uh I mean Moon Lord. If you follow this logic, the Moon Lord's color scheme doesn't need to be a rainbow, he is just...alien colored. He is a completely seprate entity from the Pillars and just serves as the despot simply because in nature, the stronger rules.
At least that's my take on it.

TL;DR He's fine the way he is.


I disagree, the developers and proof from analysts have proof that the Pillars are connected to Moon Lord. Otherwise, even though Moon Lord is a "he is just...alien colored" entity, enemies such as the Alien Queen have the same EXACT palette as Moon Lords' and that can throw off players who don't read wikis or forums and play on experience, as I stated before, this demonstrates incorrectly that Vortex is superior and dominate over all classes'. But I still get your opinion and respect it. I'll create a poll
so i can get the community's opinion.
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