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Moor's AMA

Moor Oakheart

Is the meaning of life to hide under a bed and talk to the monsters there or sleep
It depends. Are you a fighter or a coward? If you're a fighter, you will go down there under your bed, and overcome your fear, talk to the monster and reason them like a civilized man. But if you're a coward, you will just stay on top of your bed and sleep, hiding from them, and never try to solve what you fear of.


Eye of Cthulhu
The average saxophone doesn't contain fruit, so how come people don't know the square root of guacamole?

Moor Oakheart

First, I see no reason of why would saxophone contains fruit. Second, I have no idea of how that statement of saxophone and fruit relates with guacamole and square roots. Third, guacamole is not a number of anything, it can't be square roots.

That's probably the reason why people doesn't know about it.


Last pudding I had was probably a rainbow pudding from final fantasy 4! That thing is super rare, but not as rare as getting pudding
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