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PC More Bosses and minibosses and items

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It would be cool to have more minibosses and bosses in the game i think. Here are few ideas for minibosses and bosses(btw sorry if my english is bad :D )
Summoned when you are in a floating island biome, 0.1% chance per second to spawn (After you defeated Skeletron and eye of cthulhu)
3000 HP
0 Defence
10 Ranged Damage (Shoots fast moving feathers)
25 Melee Damage
Medium Speed
Archangel Wings: 0,1% (Powerful as Flame Wings)
Sky Bow:25% (100% First Time)
Cloud Staff: 1% (75% First Time)
Furious Bones
It summons everytime when you defeat 100 Angry bones in the dungeon
1500 HP
10 Defence
40 Melee Damage
Slow/Medium Speed
30-50 Bones
Clothier Voodoo Doll 15%
Skeletal Sword 100%
Bone Wand 5%
Forest Guardian
Summons every 150 Slimes and 20 Bunnies you killed
1000 HP
10 Defence
30 Melee Damage
5 Ranged Damage (Shoots rapidly razor sharp leaves)
Slow Speed
50-100 Wood
Wooden Katana 80%
Godly Wooden Armor (Helmet 100%,Chestplate 100%,Leggings 100%)
Leaf Gun 20%
Lava Monster
Spawns in lava at the underworld biome (After you killed Furious Bones,Archangel and Forest Guardian)
3500 HP
16 Defence
50 Melee Damage (Inflicts On Fire! debuff)
Very Slow Speed
Shadow Key 100%
Fire Sword 10% (Used to craft the Lava Sword)
Molten Armor 10%
Molten Pickaxe 10%
Molten Nightmare/Deathbringer Pickaxe 2%
Molten Fury 20%
Earth Monster(Boss)
Spawns rarely at underground caverns (After you killed Forest guardian and Lava Monster)

5000 HP
20 Defence
60 Melee Damage (Inflicts slowness debuff)
Very Slow Speed
Earth Armor Set 25%
Dirt 25-50
Stone 25-50
Random Pre-Hardmode Ores 5-10
Hardmode Minibosses and bosses

Dangerous Dungeon Spirit (Miniboss)
Summoned with (needs a name),crafted by 15 Ectoplasm
16000 HP
20 Defence
70 Melee Damage
Normal Speed
20-35 Ectoplasm
Spectre Armor Set 5%
Ghostly Sword 2%
The Blue Knight (Miniboss)
Summons on every 75 blue armored bones you have defeated

12500 HP
40 Defence
80 Melee Damage
Normal Speed
Summons Blue Armored Bones

Blue Dungeon Broadsword 25%
Ghostly Sword 2%
Adult Wyvern(Boss)
Summons on every 10 wyverns killed
25000 HP
20 Defence
90 Melee Damage
Fast Speed
30 Souls of flight
Fire Bolt 15% (Upgraded Version of the waterbolt)
Furious Plantera(Super Boss)

Summons on every 3 Planteras Killed

45000 HP
26 Defence
100 Melee Damage
30 Ranged Damage
Plantera Speed

5-10 Life Runes
(Each one increases the player's health by 5 HP (Maximum Life:700)
Ancient Pygmy Staff (Upgraded Version of Pygmy Staff)
Hallower(Hallow Version of the corruptor)

Summons on every 30 Pixies Killed

13000 HP
30 Defence
120 Melee Damage
Slow Speed(Flies)

Excalibur 7.5%
Sword of the hallow 40%
30-50 Pixie Dust
Mechanical Brain (Hardmode version of brain of cthulhu) (Boss)

Summoned with mechanical spine (crafted by 1 bloody spine,5 souls of sight and 10 Ichor)

Surrounded by probes that will shoot lasers at the player
45000 HP
20 Defence
35 Brain Melee Damage
20 Probe Melee Damage
20 Probe Ranged Damage

(need ideas)
Satan(Super Boss)

Spawns EXTREMELY rarely in hell
Tip:Use Ranged/Magic weapons or you are dead :)
60000 HP
26 Defence
150 Melee Damage
Slow Speed

True Demon Scythe 50%
Imp Gun 30%
Demonic Blade 10%
King Fishron(Boss)

Summoned on every 5 Duke Fishron Kills

55000 HP
20 Defence
90 Melee Damage
30 Bubble Damage
50 Sharknado Damage
40 Water Wheel Damage

Royal Flairon 20%
Items stats

Sky Bow
Sky Bow.png

20 Ranged Damage
Normal Attack Speed
Weak Knockback

Cloud Staff(Summons Clouds to rush your enemies)
16 Summon Damage
Costs 7 Mana
Medium Speed

Skeletal Sword
24 Melee Damage
Double Damage against undead enemies
Normal Speed
Medium Knockback

Wooden katana
Wooden Katana.png

9 Melee Damage
1.5 Damage multiplier against forest biome enemies
Very Fast Speed
Very weak knockback

Godly Wooden Armor
Godly Wooden Armor.png

Godly Wooden Helmet-2 Defence
Godly Wooden Chestplate-3 Defence
Godly Wooden Leggings-2 Defence
Set Bonus:+5 Melee Damage and +2 Defence

Leaf Gun
11 Ranged Damage
Fast Speed
Very weak knockback

Fire Sword
34 Melee Damage
20% chance to set enemies on fire
Slow/Medium Speed
Normal knockback

Lava Sword (Hardmode) crafted by 2 fire swords and 20 mithril/orichalcum bars
53 Melee Damage
100% chance to set enemies on fire
Medium Speed
Insane knockback

Molten Nightmare Pickaxe
16 Melee Damage
Pickaxe Power: Between Molten Pickaxe and Nightmare Pickaxe

Molten Deathbringer Pickaxe
18 Melee Damage
Pickaxe Power: Between Molten Pickaxe and Deathbringer Pickaxe

Earth Armor Set
Earth Armor Set.png

Helmet-5 Defence
Chestplate-6 Defence
Leggings-4 Defence
Set Bonus:+15% Melee Damage

Ghostly Sword(Hardmode)
Ghostly Sword.png

60 Melee Damage
Slow Speed
Strong knockback

Fire Bolt(Hardmode)
35 Magic Damage
Costs 12 Mana
Slow/Medium Speed
No knockback

Ancient pygmy staff(Hardmode)
45 Summon Damage
Costs 32 Mana

Sword of the hallow (Hardmode)
56 Melee Damage
Shoots Projectile that deals 40 damage
Medium Speed
Medium knockback

True Demon Scythe (Hardmode)
50 Magic Damage
Costs 5 Mana

Royal Flairon (Hardmode)
100 Melee Damage
Item ideas that do not require defeating any of the idea bosses

True Terra Blade (crafted by 1 terra blade and 2 broken hero swords)(Hardmode)
156 Melee Damage
Shoots projectiles
Auto Swing

Ultrashark (bought by the arms dealer for 1 platinum and 50 gold when in hardmode and when the twins,destroyer and skeletron prime have been defeated)
33 Ranged Damage
Use Time:4(Faster than the megashark)
Very Weak Knockback

Blade of the blood god (Crimson Alt for Night's Edge)
45 Melee Damage
Normal Speed
Medium knockback

True Blade of the Blood God
83 Melee Damage
Normal Speed
Medium knockback
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Official Terrarian
I don't really want life runes... which are just a copy of life fruits.
How would they work anyway? The gold hearts already cover the red ones. Will they be like obnoxious neon green?

Also, in your poll, what does "yes" vs "both" mean?
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