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    The Caveman

    A human being that will easily kill you with even shadow armour, wields 3 weapons, such as the club, and the crossbow
    Health: 5000
    Damage: 30 (club), 45 (crossbow), 40 (spear)
    Defence: 20 (like a player with platinum armour)
    Regular: Healing potions 10-15
    Unique drops:
    • Weapons: 25-100 Caveman javelins (they do 32 damage and pierce up to 4 targets), Primitive club (does 29 damage and has a 10% chance of critical strike), Crossbow (the ONLY repeater obtainable in pre-hardmode)(does 20 damage).
    • Others: Caveman mask (rarely), Caveman trophy (rarely), Tier Expert: Bone Charm (penetrates enemy defence by 6 and raises defence by 2)
    Early Hardmode:

    A difficult caveman boss with more op stats
    Health: 50000 (which is 10 times the Caveman's health)
    Damage: 40 (Saw), 50 (Laser crossbow)
    Defence: 32
    Regular drops: Greater healing potions (10-15), Hallowed bars (in hallow)(20-40), Diamondite ore (in Blessing)(80-160), Souls of Might (20-40)
    Unique drops: Mask (rarely), Trophy (rarely), Tier Expert: Mechanical saw/Crossbow (40 melee damage/50 Magic damage)

    More is coming soon

    Pre-release: introduced caveman and cavebot
    1.0: moved to Enemies and NPCs (was on Equipment)

    Sorry for placing the topic into Equipment.. staff would move it to Mobs
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