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Hi, my name is Graydee. As a fairly experienced modder, I noticed that many chests just didn't have enough unique, interesting loot (like granite, mushroom, etc)
So i decided to make a small mod to fix that.

Teaming up with my good friend @Some Schmo , we're creating a fairly small but cool mod to add more intersting loot to not just lacking chests, but ALL chests. Currently has 14 items. Note that this will all have an equal chance of occuring as any given vanilla item, although chests with no UNIQUE loot (mushroom, granite, marble, etc) will have a 100% chance to contain an item from this mod.

Now, lets get into the content shall we?
This is not all the content, as we want a few surprises don't we ;)
Expect more to be added soon.


The sacred time flow has been broken
The ancient sundial staff. Found in lihzarhd chests, it completely stops time (stops projectiles and NPCs in place) for a few seconds, but costs 200 mana and 40 life. Useful for getting out of tough situations, although does not work on bosses.
Here it is in action


The frost lantern. Found in ice chests, it summons a magic frosty lantern to provide light in front of you but also reduce how long negative cold related debuffs last (Chilled, frozen, etc)


Bubbly crystal. Found in ocean chests. Increases all stats very slightly while underwater.

Granite war hammer. Found in granite chests. Launches a granite ripple along the ground, launching up particles to hurt foes, although dissipating quickly

Mycelium scepter. Found in mushroom chests. Basically just an endless stack of glowing mushroom seeds

Blade. Found in marble chests. Every crit gives you an extra really quick 360 slash.

Venom flask. Found in webbed chests. Launches an infinite of short range exploding flasks to burst into venom beams on collision.

Marksman's Revolver. Found in wood chest. Early game gun, with not much damage or speed.

Scepter o' gold. Found in gold chests. Launches 3 quick golden beams in a general direction.

Bronze candle. Found in golden chests. Creates a temporary magic light projectile where you are to guide you, that even works in water


Special thanks:
@Eli10293 and @PhoenixBlade for a few sprites
@Jenosis For updating the mod to 0.9 tmodloader!
5, for some sprites

Thanks for checking out the mod! Feedback is always appreciated, and more updates will happen soon
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I've always been disappointed that chests have virtually been ignored over the years, with for the most part, the same old limited item pool from early Terraria. In addition to that, other mods never really address this either, leading to finding chests to be the most predictable part of playing Terraria imo.

This is something part of me was always hoping someone would address -- thanks for that. The items also look fantastic, and perfectly fitting for their designated chests.
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Vlad Terrarian

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Soo cool mod! Are you gonna add more stuff?!:):happy::D
I hope you gonna add more stuff!
I always hope for your mods!
And i wish this mod gonna have over 300 items that I can find in the chests!:happy:
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Dungeon Spirit
Amazing work, a small but nifty mod.

Always great to have smaller side mods when playing with the big ones, kinda like a side of fries with a big burger.
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