More craftable food items that give Exquisitely Stuffed


Currently it seems the only real practical way to get a lot of food that give this buff is to farm Bacon from Pigronatas. To add more variety and reduce the risk of heart disease for characters, how about new food recipes crafted from common ingredients but requiring a sizable variety of them? Perhaps with the addition of new items (like spices or something) sold by NPCs that only appear after defeating certain bosses (or have the items themselves be gated by certain bosses) so these new items aren't available right off the bat.

My idea is to have a bunch of new food item with ingredients grouped by activity, so one new item crafted with various ingredients from fishing, one from land critters, etc. For example (names are just for illustration):
  • Luxurious Seafood Feast: crafted using any number/combination of Lobster Tail, Seafood Dinner, Cooked Shrimp, Sashimi, maybe Cooked Fish and Shucked Oyster too.
  • Critter Dinner: crafted using any number/combination of Escargot, Roasted Duck, Bunny Stew, Grilled Squirrel, Roasted Bird, Sauteed Frog Legs, maybe Goldfish too.
  • Some kind of ultra-fancy cocktail: crafted using various fruits dropped from shaking trees (NOT Grapes because those are monsters drops). This one wouldn't require any new item due to fruit from hallowed trees being hardmode-only.
  • Snack Buffet: crafted using various monster-dropped food items that are more or less easy to acquire in large numbers but don't give Exquisitely Stuffed, such as Chicken Nugget, Banana Split, Fried Egg, Fries, Nachos, Shrimp Po' Boy, maybe Coffee too. This wouldn't help lower cholesterol but it would give a use to those items in the late game.
These are just some ideas. There could be different recipes of each item using different combinations of the ingredients, or different items with different recipes or the groupings of ingredients could be different. The general concept is to provide more ways to get Exquisitely Stuffed that doesn't involve mindlessly breaking Pigronatas or hunting Golden Critters or farming the few specific monsters with food drops that give the buff, in addition to provide a use for those all these food items that become useless in the mid-to-late game when Bacon from Pigronatas becomes easily accessible.
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