WIP More Flails and Spears (to make stone and turtle shells a good material for making weapons)

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  1. Tier 1: Early-Game tier (means that you can make them after you begin your game):

    -Basic flail:

    Does 9 damage
    Projectile is a stone boulder (item texture)
    Type: Thrown flail
    Crafted from: 5 stone+10 ropes at workbench

    -Copper Glaive:

    Does 7 damage (Normal spear damage nerfed to 5)
    Crafted from: 10 copper bars at anvil

    -Tin Pole:
    Does 8 damage
    Crafted from 10 tin bars at anvil

    -Iron Halberd:
    Does 9 damage
    Crafted from: 10 iron bars at anvil

    -Lead Halberd:
    Does 9 damage (same as Iron)
    Crafted from 10 lead bars at anvil

    -Silver Spear:
    Does 10 damage
    Crafted from: 10 Silver Bars at anvil

    -Tungsten Pike:
    Does 11 damage
    Crafted from 10 Tungsten bars at anvil

    -Golden Lance:
    Does 12 damage
    Crafted from: 10 Gold Bars at anvil

    -Platinum Trident:
    Does 14 damage
    Crafted from 10 platinum bars at anvil

    Tier 2: Post-Eye of Cthulhu

    -Corrupt Glaive
    Does 15 damage
    Crafted from: 10 demonite bars at anvil

    Tier 3: Meteorite/Shadow Orb/Post-Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu and Skeletron stuff

    -Meteorite Partisan
    Does 17 damage
    Crafted form 10 Meteorite bars at anvil
    It is the ONLY Meteorite weapon that is not related to Space

    -Almighty Naginata
    Does 17 damage (like that Partisan)
    Found in dungeons

    -Fiery Trident
    Does 20 damage (may inflict burn damage)
    Found in Shadow Chests

    Tier 5: Post-mech

    -Shell Breaker:
    Does 65 damage (more than that Tao of Pow)
    Crafted from: 1 turtle Shell and 20 Chlorophyte Bars at a Mythril Anvil

    Pre-release: added Pre-Hardmode Metal spears, the Almighty Naginata, the Fiery Trident (from my other suggestion), the Basic flail (a flail for Early-Game players)
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    I'd rather flails be heavily rebalanced than add even more.
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