More food items. (I want YOU, to grow this suggestion)

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    DRAGONS RULE Terrarian

    I recently broke a blueberry bush, blueberrys are my favorite fruit IRL, so I wanted to eat it SOO BADLY, then I thought, Ermergerd red pleez.
    This thread is something I want to be like, growing from community comments, as I only saw blueberrys, if people would like to, you can give me more ideas.
    - Cause well fed for 50 sec
    - eating them will temporarily make your eyes blue.
    Leave more suggestions below. Sorry if I didn't include alot of ideas.
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    ARANDOMGUY Cultist

    I feel like this wouldn't be too like useful or really with any point to add to the game, but maybe if they added other foods you you could make like fruit salad or berry melody or something along those lines.

    DRAGONS RULE Terrarian

    Thats a great idea, maybe the salad could be well fed for 20 minuets, I dont know a crafting recipe but maybe.
    - 10 Grass, (collected by using a shortsword to cut grass.)
    - 3 seeds of any kind
    - 1 blueberry.

    ARANDOMGUY Cultist

    Twenty minutes is a little extreme, and I think you'd probably need like lettuce or something added for this idea to make sense but yeah.
  5. chocolatecake5000

    chocolatecake5000 Terrarian

    what about chocolate cake: 20 dirt blocks 5 blueberries. Well fed 15 minutes like pumpkin pie.
  6. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    I don't think we really need more food, we already have eight (plus three seasonal) foods that give "well fed". Very few people even use them, they take up inventory space and don't have any gamechanging effects.

    If you can make some unique effects, sure (although then we're just drifting off into the realm of potions), but don't just make up random foods and slap a "well fed" effect onto it.
  7. Fortanono

    Fortanono Brain of Cthulhu

    Blueberries cannot be eaten as they can already be placed.
  8. LerterManLOZ 2

    LerterManLOZ 2 Terrarian

    they need to add some heavy armors