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WIP More Professional Soul Tooltips and more Souls

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Duke Fishron

Soul of Night
New Texture


Soul of Light
New Texture


Soul of Blight
New Texture


Soul of Sight
New Texture


Soul of Right
Tooltip: "The essence of bewildered heroes.''


Soul of Tight
Tooltip: "The essence of the bloody creatures"


Soul of Might
New Texture
New Tooltip: " The essence of the powerful destroyers"


Soul of Fright
New Texture


Soul of Wight
Tooltip: " The essence of the gelatinous creatures"


Soul of Flight
New Texture



Bloody Night
Bloody Night.png

Summon the Blood moon
Crafted with 5 Souls of Tight/Night,10 Souls of Light, 5 Silver/Tungsten ingot, 10 Crimtane/Demonite ingots.

Hero's Nightmare
The Hero's Nightmare.png

Summon the Solar Eclipse
Crafted with 5 Souls of Wight,10 Souls of Light, 5 Souls of Fright, 15 Crimtane/Demonite ingot, 20 Hallowed ingot.

Bloody Night HD.png

Bloody Night HD

The Hero's Nightmare HD.png

Hero's Nightmare HD.
Thanks for Watching.
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The current tooltips actually is more professional.
And what about all the new ones? what do they do?


Duke Fishron
i thinking how you get them but its harder.
but the soul of right its only get in solar eclipses that all monsters drop the and its rare to drop but its the same chance for get the broken hero sword.


Soul of Wight? Soul of Tight? Did you just look up "ight" words in a dictionary? So it's a big fat no in my opinion. If anything, the current ones sound more professional.

Also, adding new souls for the soul sake of adding more souls make no sense. How in the world would you get a Soul of Wight?


Duke Fishron
wight means creature and tight hard to get.
and i an brazilian only put ight words in the google translator and if recieve results use


I prefer the current to be honest, even if the soul of might's seems a bit default. Why not: "The essence of the doomsday bringer"?
Beside, if another was to be added, I'd really prefer "soul of fight"


wight means creature and tight hard to get.
and i an brazilian only put ight words in the google translator and if recieve results use
I know what they mean -_-
That's why I asked how in hell would you get these things...

And tight=/=hard to get


Ehhh, no? I'm not 100% sure what wight translates to in english as I'm from sweden, but as far as I know it's a mythological ghost of some kind.
It actually does mean creature, but using such an archaic word is ridiculous.


Duke Fishron
i know. nobody knows all words with -ight and i edit for yours stop saying that this not its cool :p


Duke Fishron
i dont add random souls i add souls :p.
and that dont is ight words only random words with ight in it
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