More progression-swapped weapons or gear in general.

Cave wizard

While playing the zenith seed, I found the weapons that had been swapped around in the progression chain very interesting. It's a great way to add more variety to the game that most of us have played many times already. It would be nice if you expanded on this system somehow for 1.4.5 or Terraria 2. Swap more weapons and maybe even armor or other gear around so that it gets to shine at different points in the game. There are a lot of weapons in particular that only become available during the last stretch of Plantera to Moon Lord, that you probably won't use because there's so many weapons relative to the amount of time you'll spend at that point in the game. They are perfect choices to be swapped with early-to-mid game gear (or simply just made available earlier somehow). Maybe make it available as an option for regular worlds during world creation, instead of keeping it hidden in the masochist seed.
I'm not asking for something like a random Diablo loot system, where you have to go over a few hundred items every ten minutes to see what to sell and what to keep. I hope Terraria 2 doesn't have that.
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