WIP More Traps! (Different Kinds, Not ONLY Reskins)

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    Ok, So There's Only, Like, 8 Traps. In 3 "Biomes", Dungeon (Spikes), Caverns (Boulders, Dart Traps), And Lihzahrd (Flamespikeballspearsuperdart And Wooden Spikes).
    I Propose To Add More Traps To More Biomes, Along With Some Craftable Ones, For More Variety! `:D
    Now, BEFORE I GO ON (Or You), ALL Of The Traps Are Crafted At A Tinkerer's Workshop, Unless Specified Otherwise.
    Here I Go!:


    Spider Trap

    Crafted With A Spider Trap Body, 8 Legs, And A Head.
    This Cute 'lil Fella Will Hide In The Ground Until Stepped On.
    Then It Tries To Murder Your Face. It Has A 5% Chance To Spawn In Place Of Crimson Debris.
    It Crawls Towards You At 5 Blocks A Second, Doing 10 DMG Per Hit, And Dealing Average Knockback. It Can Be Placed On Floors. It Lasts For 4 Seconds, And After That Time It Kinda Just Shrinks Into Nothing.
    ...Yeah, I'll Go Ahead And Think About That A Bit More...
    Anyways, Here's How To Craft It's Segments:

    Spider Head (Material)


    Crafted With 1 Vertabrae.
    Vital To Making A Spider Trap.

    Spider Body (Material)


    Crafted With 1 Vertabrae.
    Vital To Making A Spider Trap.

    Spider Legs (Material)


    Crafted With 1 Vertabrae. Makes 4.
    Vital To Making A Spider Trap.


    Worm Trap

    Crafted With A Worm Head, Body, And Tail.
    This Once Again Adorable Wormy Worm Will Kinda Sit There In The Ground With Only It's Head Visible UNTIL You Step On It (Meany `:cry:).
    Then It Shoots Out Dealing Average Knockback, 30 DMG Every Hit, And Lasts Until Offscreened.
    It's Basicly A Worm "Enemy", As It Keeps Tunneling At A High Speed, But It'll Go Straight At ALL Times Until It Hits Air. Then It Does A Nosedive.
    Can Be Placed On Walls, Ceilings, And Floors. They Have A 5% Chance To Spawn In Place Of Any Corruption Debris.
    Here's The Ingredients'... Ingredients:

    Worm Head (Material)


    Crafted With A Rotten Chunk And A Worm Tooth.
    Vital To Making A Wormy Worm.

    Worm Body (Material)


    Crafted With A Rotten Chunk.
    Vital To Making A Wormy Worm.

    Worm Tail (Material)


    Crafted With A Rotten Chunk.
    Vital To Making A Wormy Worm.


    Sand Pit

    Crafted With 10 Sand, 10 Sandstone, And A Water Bucket.
    Can Get Corrupted.
    Sand Pits Are... Weird. They Need To Be Placed Over A 2x3 Area Of Sand, About The Size Of A Player's Hitbox. It Makes The 6 Sand Blocks Under It Untouchable (Unlike Actuator, The Sand Doesn't Darken) And Anything Can Fall In. The Sand Can Still Suffocate You, And That's Where The DMG Comes In.
    When In The Pit, Your Jump Height Is Halved, Making It Hard For New Players To Escape (I Think).



    Crafted With 2 Ice Blocks. Makes 2.
    Very, Very Simple: It Can Be Placed On Floors And Ceilings.
    On The Floor, It Just Sits There. It Deals 50 DMG On Contact And Breaks On Contact With ANYTHING.
    On The Ceiling, Things Get More Interesting...
    When Placed On The Ceiling, They Take About 5 Seconds To "Grow" (And By Grow I Mean Freeze) Into An Icicle, And Then When ANYTHING Goes Under It, It Falls, Dealing 50 DMG.
    When It Hits Anything, It Has A 5% Chance To Inflict "Chilled" For 15 Seconds. Can Be Mined Or Smashed By A Weapon For 1 Ice Block.
    To Make Up For The Low Chance, These Spawn A LOOOOT. Has A 20% Chance To Spawn In Place Of Underground Tundra Debris (There's A Lot, 'cuz Ice Blocks' Decorative Icicles).

    Icicle Dropper


    Crafted With 25 Ice Spikes And A Crystal Ball.
    These Regrow 3 Seconds After Falling, And They Have A Dripping Animation Identical To Magic Water Droppers.
    Besides That, They're The Same As Ice Spikes, Besides The Fact That They Have A 15% Chance Of Spawning In Place Of Normal Ice Spikes.


    Ceiling Stinger

    Place A Stinger On The Ceiling.
    Trap = Spike
    Touchy = 75 DMG + 100% "Poison".
    No Touchy.
    Stingers Have A 1% Chance Of Growing Under Mud With Jungle Grass.

    Living Vine (Trap) HM
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Crafted With 5 Vines (Ones Dropped By Man Eaters) And 1 Soul Of Night. Makes 2.
    This Weird Trap Has A 5% Chance To Spawn In Place Of Jungle Vines (Only The Base Vines, Attached To The Actual Block). When A Player Touches It, It Starts To Wrap Around It And Deal Suffocation DMG Along With A Solid 20 DMG Every Second For 3 Seconds. .5 Seconds After The 3rd Second (Basicly After 3.5 Seconds) The Vine Lashes Out, Violently Flinging You Down At A Rapid Speed Capable Of Instant Death Via Fall DMG Unless You Cancel The Momentum With Jumps / Grapple / ETC.
    Has A 50% To Inflict "Confusion" When It Flings You.
    It's Darker Than Regular Vines And It's Curled Up A Tiny Bit When Idle.



    Crafted Simply By Standing At A Pool Of Water Containing At Least 100 Blocks Of Water And A Crystal Ball.
    WOOSH! It's Over Here!
    VOOSH! It's Over THERE!
    KAYBOOSH! It's-
    Okay, This Thing Is VERY Dangerous. It Stays In A 3x3 Spot Of Water For 10 Seconds, And Every 10 Seconds It Changes Location In The Body Of Water.
    When Caught In It, You Lose Air Twice As Fast, And You Are Stuck In The Whirlpool Until It Moves, All While Dealing 2 DMG Every .2 Of A Second, Ignoring DEF, And Drowns You At TRIPLE The Normal Rate.
    When It Moves It Can't Be Within 5 Blocks Of It's Last Location.
    If It Leaves Water It Will Try To Move To The Closest 3x3 Area Of Water In A 10x10 Area. If None Are Found It Is Destroyed.



    This Isn't Really A Trap, Per Say, But It's More Like, When You Touch A Shark, It Has A 25% Chance Of Biting You For About 3 Seconds, And Each Second You Take 25 DMG And Have A 15% Chance Of Being Inflicted With "Bleed" For 30 Seconds.


    (Gee I Wonder If Anyone Else Thought Of This, *COUGH* *COUGH* Nintendo *COUGH* *COUGH*)


    This Is... A Fireball. Never Would Have Guessed.
    This Thing Has A 5% Chance To Spawn Inside A Lava Block. And There's A Lot Of Lava, So...
    It Bounces Up And Down From Lava and The Air. It Goes Down When It's 4 Blocks From The Ceiling, And Normal Fireballs Travel At 8 Blocks A Second.
    But That's Not What's Amazingly Awesome About This. Sure, It Does 50 DMG, Deals Average Knockback, And Has A 100% Chance To Inflict "On Fire!", But If You Throw In A [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], Or [​IMG], It'll Change The Lava Color And It's Effects. And If You Wanna Change It Back, Bam, [​IMG].
    Sounds Like I'm Squeezing In A Hell Suggestion Here.

    Molten Frost


    Does 60 DMG And Inflicts "Frostburn".
    The Fireballs In Here Turn Into Iceballs, Flying Up And Down At 4 Blocks A Second. The Iceball Itself Has A 100% Chance To Inflict "Frostburn" AND A 10% Chance To Inflict "Frozen", Which Will Probably Kill You. Inflicts "Chilled" In Expert As Well.

    Cursed Lava


    Does 95 DMG And Inflicts "Cursed Flames".
    The Fireballs In Here Turn Into Cursed Fireballs, Which Move At The Same Rate As Fireballs. The Cursed Fireball Has A 50% Chance To Inflict Cursed Flames.

    Flaming Ichor


    Does 66 DMG And Inflicts "Ichor".
    The Fireballshereturnintoichorballsblablabla6blocksasecondblablabla100%chancetoinflict"Ichor"NEXT.

    Demon's Fire


    Does 70 DMG And Inflicts "Shadowflame" And "Blindness".
    The Fireballs In Here Will ACTUALLY Turn Into Shadowballs, Not "Demon Balls", Or "Demon Fireballs", Or "Demon's Fire". The Shadowballs Move At 10 Blocks A Second And Have A 50% Chance To Inflict "Shadowflame" AND A 100% Chance Of Inflicting "Blindness".



    Does 120 DMG And Inflicts A New Debuff I'd Like To Call "Pulsation" [​IMG], Which Constantly :red:s Up Your Controls AND Flips The Screen Like Crazy, All For 10 Seconds. Infliction Has A 10% Chance.
    (Pulse Bow Should Get This Too, But That's Just Me)
    Damn, This Lava Is ENERGIZED!
    The Fireballs In Here Turn Into Ultraflames. They Move At A 16 B.P.S Speed, And Has A 10% Chance Of Inflicting "Pulsation". Also Softly Homes On Players.


    Snow Cloud
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Crafted With A Rain Cloud, 1 Ice Block, And 1 Snow Block At A Crystal Ball.
    (Real Quick, I Also Propose That Rain Clouds Be Crafted With 1 Cloud At A Crystal Ball + Water Block)
    Functions The Same Way As Rain Clouds Do. Anything That Goes Into The Effect Under It Gets Hit For 4 DMG Every .2 Sec They're In There. 10% Chance To Inflict "Chilled" Every Hit, And When "Chilled", 5% Chance To Inflict "Frozen".
    Replaces All Rain Clouds Of Islands Above Tundras.

    Storm Cloud

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Crafted With A Rain Cloud And A Snow Cloud At A Crystal Ball.
    Adds Both Clouds' Effects, And Adds An Every-3-seconds Thunder Strike.
    25% Chance To Inflict "Electrified" For 10 Seconds. Thunder Reaches 10 Blocks.

    This Is A W.I.P, Meaning I'm Gonna Add WAY More. `:D
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    Someday, one will use these kinds of suggestions to make a sensible "sixth class" suggestion.
    Anyways, I see nothing but potential here.
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    This is pretty amazing. If you're stuck on ideas, contact me, and I'll help. anyways, support!
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    I'll Add S' more Tommorow, I Haz 0 Time Right Now. `:(
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    Thanks For The Support! I Already Have A LOT Of Ideas (At Least 2 New Traps Per Biome) But It Takes Some Time To Sprite / Animate. `;)
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    Added 5 Traps Since I First Posted, Adding The Ceiling Stinger, The Living Vine, The Whirlpool, Fireballs, And The Not-so-"trappy" Sharkbite! `:D
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    Dang, these are some amazing ideas!

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    Not to critisize your grammar, i mean, this is a great usggestion, but really... Captializing every single first letter in every single word... It is really difficult to read.
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    To be honest, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, so it's all perspective.

    But seriously, this suggestion is great!
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    Great Ideas! I could see these in Terraria!:D
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    WE NEED THIS. Also it would be nice is the Crimson/curruption traps could be activated by wire too. Just a suggestion. :happy:
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    I could see myself playing around with these, Support for the fun traps.

    Small suggestion: Instead of having the Stinger Trap be a new item, you can just place a Stinger to create the trap.
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    True, Since Hornets In Terraria Are Pretty Darn Huge.
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    Good job! Since literally EVERYONE has been asking for more traps, I am glad that you are finally actually specifying.