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Sprites More Weapons from Christmas Presents!

Do you want more Christmas-Themed weapons?

  • Yes! Happy Holidays!

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  • Seems neato.

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  • Meh, could use some work. (Please specify.)

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Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Hey everyone! Christmas is in exactly a week! How better to celebrate it's coming than a suggestion for the Christmas season? My suggestion today is a few more weapons that could be added to the Christmas presents to add more variety to them (not that they already have variety...) They all have a 0.64 drop chance from the presents. Anyways, let's get started!

Peppermint is a new yoyo that can be found in presents. It does 15 damage, a range of 10, and stays out for 6 seconds.

Spearmint is a new spear that can be found in presents. It does 12 damage and has a use time of 25.

The Candy Cane Bow is a new bow found in presents. It fires arrows (duh) and does 8 damage. When used, wooden arrows are converted into candy cane arrows that can pierce 3 enemies.

The Book of Marshmallows is a new spell tome looted from presents. It uses 10 mana and does 12 damage. When used, it shoots a marshmallow that is effected by gravity. Behind the marshmallow, a trail of hot chocolate rains down and does damage.

The mistletoe Staff is a summon weapon that can be obtained from presents. It does 10 damage and summons a stationary mistletoe sentry. It will shoot mistletoe at enemies to attack them. Also, if two NPCs are under the mistletoe, heart particles will emanate from them (Like the love potion.)

Thanks for reading my suggestion! Please let me know what you think in the comments!


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