tModLoader MoreAccessories+ v2.0

Discussion in 'Released' started by VVV101, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Isolated Egg

    Isolated Egg Terrarian

    Hey, I was wondering if you were still working on this and would fix that unholy bug?
  2. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Lol. That bug was fixed long long ago. I called him unholy just for fun.
    And since mod is still working on latest tModLoader versions, I don't think it needs any updates yet.
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  3. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Terrarian

    When it was trying to load my mods yesterday it said that this one was made for the previous version of tModloader and automatically disabled it.
  4. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    do you try this:
    1-enable the mods but "dont" click on the reload button.
    2-exit terraria.
    3-relaunch terraria.
    because Im using modloader 10.2.1 and the current mod version and loads fine.
  5. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Terrarian

    Since the update to the new version of tModloader it's been crashing 9 times out of ten when I try to start Terraria. When I brought it up in the tModloader thread they seemed to think it was because the mods hadn't updated.
  6. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    Okay, the two not working together since they're both just enabling a disabled seventh slot makes sense, but it's not entirely true that the game can't have any more slots. Cheat Sheet is able to add extra slots, right? So couldn't this mod add support for Calamity and an 8th slot by duplicating Cheat Sheet's method? Cheat Sheet is open source, so it should be pretty simple to copy it.
  7. Smackydafrog

    Smackydafrog Terrarian

    Paging @jopojelly for your explanation as to why this isn't possible and how cheat sheet is able to add it's extra slots.
  8. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    The thing is that slots from Cheat Sheet are not real a. slots. You could just put the same accessories in these slots.
    You couldn't have more slots in vanilla way. Only by special slots like Wing Slot or Boots slot or like in Cheat Sheet way. And I am just too lazy to stupidly plagiarize Cheat Sheet's way.
  9. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    That's fair. I'd think that someone could, with time an effort, build off of what jopojelly has done to put UI elements in the right place, add vanity and dye, and make it all work right (given all the mods I've seen that add cosmetic effects and new UI elements) but I accept "too much work to be arsed with" as a valid excuse.
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  10. CHEN

    CHEN Terrarian

    excuse me sir but i think this mod need a update cuz i got this error:
    (the Chinese in the pic is just saying "index out of boundary")
    and plz put a link HERE cuz the Chinese Great Wall is so great that we cannot visit the mod browser(vpn doesn't work cuz i'm using it right now)
    don't want to be rude, but just let you know why i ask for it here rather than the mod browser.
    also, if the latest version HERE is for, just ignore this.
    thanks in advance.
  11. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Mediafire direct download link from the first forum post is not working?
    Mod should work perfectly fine on current version (v2.1 for (at least, it is working for me).
    I will specially recompile mod for to be sure.

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  12. CHEN

    CHEN Terrarian

    thank you, seems working right now. The "Mediafire direct download link from the first forum post" as you said, is for, and i'm current in now for some reason.(i think i didn't manually update tmodloader, so might be an auto update? not sure)
    also, i think it might be really nice if you update the first forum post to the one you gave me. Just suggestion, you know, not many of the visitors will check the every page(well,we know that the latest version is on the end page but i suppose most people who never been to this page won't know that).
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  13. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Terrarian

    This has been a persistent issue with the past few versions of tModloader. It will occasionally decide that a random mod not specifically made for the current version needs to be disabled even if it works just fine. Usually turning the mod back on and reloading your mods will fix this issue. I'm betting that if VVV101 does reconfigure the mod for the issue will stop occurring for this specific mod until the next tModloader update.
  14. samruxgaming

    samruxgaming Terrarian

    Hey VVV101, I'm using tModLoader v0.10.1.5 and obviously Terraria 1.3, and I know that I can't find the mod on the tModLoader Mod Browser, so I downloaded both files up top and put their files into the [Documents> My Games> Terraria> ModLoader> Mods] file, and with the newest version, it did not install the mod, and with the older one, my tModLoader Mods list on Terraria said 'Warning! Old mod! Install at your own risk!'

    Please help...
  15. VVV101

    VVV101 Spazmatism

    Update v2.3
    - Updated to tModLoader
    - Increased drop chance on Expert Mode to 20%.
    - Changed rarity of item.
    Direct download link in first post.
  16. Sir Fortress

    Sir Fortress Terrarian

    Hey I’ve got a problem not sure how to fix this but I can’t use the heart of nature or the demon heart and I’m on expert mode and I defeated plantera, how do I fix this?

    Nvm I fixed it, it wasn’t a glitch lol all I had to do was right click on the item.
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  17. Xablauzero

    Xablauzero Terrarian

    Hey dude, i just got the HoN in the bag, but, doens't work, left or right, does nothing, it's not working the more slots.

    Edit 1: Nvm, i was glitched and reinstaling the mod, worked, but, the new accessory slot, it's down of the interface, if you can change him to the left side of the map, it's will be more better.
  18. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    disable the mini map pressing the tab button.
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