Most Annoying Enemies In Terraria w/Poll

Most Annoying Enemies

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Ragged Casters, the pieces of crap. Come out of nowhere, blind you, by the time you get to them they're already somewhere else.
Cant hit what ain't there!


missed me!








yeah, lot good that gun did ya!


Necromancers, Diabolowhatsitsface, and Paladins. Self explanatory.

Also side note, pretty much every NPC that decides its a good idea to open the NPC housing apartment doors during a solar eclipse...
1. Diabolist

Just, ugh. Most of the health I’ve lost came from those teleporting bastards. Second only to paladins, but that’s understandable. And I couldn’t hate a paladin, I love their choice in weaponry and style :p

2. Wyvern

These guys are extreme trolls. On my small world, I end up with one hunting me down anywhere on the surface (along with harpies, but harpies are cool ). I mean, I went up a little hill, and saw that smirking excuse for a wyvern gliding down on me while I was still in molten.

3. Ragged Caster

While they are pretty easy to kill, I hate going blind in the process, especially with paladins and comandoes in the general area.
Oh, so harpies are cool, but I am not? I feel offended.

Giant fungi bulb
Giant fungi bulb
Giant fungi bulb

They are the bane of my existence.
Man I hate the ragged casters...being blinded while in the hardmode dungeon is never fun. At least they don't teleport after you hit them.

And even the Spectre Staff isn't anything least I wouldn't ever use it.
Okay, so, almost none of these enemies I have trouble with, so...

1. Paladin

This guy throws hammers. 'nuff said.

2. Slimes

Slimes are the most despicable creatures ever to exist. They will one day take over the world.

3. The Guide

In sorry but this is so random and it's a question but im not sure how to make a thread and I would like to know how please help
Sometimes I really wish this game would knock it the hell off with all the wall-hacking enemies and projectiles. What's the point of being able to mine and place blocks when everything goes right through it anyway?

Off the top of my head, we have: Worms, wyverns, most bosses, golem's lasers, wraiths, reapers, floaty gross, cursed weapons, cursed skulls, Tim, rune wizards, goblin sorcerers, dark casters, ragged casters, diabolists, paladin hammers, fire imps, fungi bulbs, snatchers.

Cursed weapons and skulls are particularly aggravating for me. As a developer, why the heck would you take away ANY ability for the player to defend themselves? That's less like gameplay and more like that jackass friend that says "HEY MY TURN" and yanks the controller out of your hand.
yeah, i have to say the diabloists. they are one of the very few mobs that actually still manage to annihilate me, if i dont spot them before they launch the first attack. i seem to get screwed with the dungeon's total AI whenever they start attacking too. first attack comes from the diabloist, nails me with high damage and a debuff, then :red: hits the fan with the paladins and necromancers galore!....i totally hate the diabloists!
In sorry but this is so random and it's a question but im not sure how to make a thread and I would like to know how please help
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