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Most Annoying Enemies

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At least no one will see my tears since it'd be raining

I do find them needlessly annoying. They don't drop anything whatsoever (I don't think they even drop coins, do they?) but yet they attack you, can sometimes take two hits to kill if you are very early game, and are just a nuisance. Not real sure as to their purpose, as virtually everything ELSE in the game has at least 1 useful drop.
I do find them needlessly annoying. They don't drop anything whatsoever (I don't think they even drop coins, do they?) but yet they attack you, can sometimes take two hits to kill if you are very early game, and are just a nuisance. Not real sure as to their purpose, as virtually everything ELSE in the game has at least 1 useful drop.
I'm 99.999% sure they drop coins, but it would be nice if they had an additional drop.
The Giant Fungi Bulb is the most annoying thing i can ever encounter.Once while I was in the jungle temple I had a mushroom biome next to it but it really got annoying once I got into hard mode.While I was fighting the golem these things decided to spawn right as I was fighting and killed me so fast.I got so angry I went over there and destroyed the whole biome over there.
Giant Fungi Bulb for real.

Its the only enemy I can think of that can troll you from 3 screens away of solid blocks with aimed, pervasive, and pseudo-homing wall-hacking projectiles. On top of that, due to its nature as a clinger type enemy, it ends up completely invulnerable inside of walls while still spewing its lingering projectiles.

Definitely the most annoying enemy.
Wow, what a necropost...

With 1.3 coming out, I think Medusae take the #1 spot on nearly anybody's list, probably closely followed by some of the Lunar Event Mobs (I -hate- Corites and Crawltipedes for example, and yes I know you can avoid Crawltipedes, but the stupid Crawltipedes are what forces you to stay on the ground to get endlessly pounded to death by Corites that are difficult to hit while they're wall-hacking).

Fungi Bulbs? I rarely encounter those anymore and with the new weaponry we have nowadays, I laugh at them.

Pre-WoF, I'd have to also add Hoplites to that list, they just do way too much damage. There's no reason why they should hit for 40+ while you're wearing Molten Armor, as nothing else in Easymode can hit that hard, not even the WoF hits that hard unless you let him eat you. Skeletron doesn't even hit that hard, for crying out loud.

And then you got the Snails when you find them very early game, their ridiculous defense and rather high health means you'll be plucking at the stupid thing doing 1 damage until you finally kill it (and it can do some rather high damage for as early as you meet them) and they can fling themselves like turtles to make sure you're never safe no matter where you are.
Flying fish are still the number one for me. They still don't drop anything interesting, they hardly do any damage. They're just there to annoy you when you're building something or fishing or whatever, forcing you to switch to a weapon and thus disrupting what you're doing. Then, after it's dead and you throw out your fishing line/build three blocks, another pops up right away, because why not. :mad:

But yeah, as the only enemy that can basically kill you instantly, regardless of what super duper gear you're wearing and how many hitpoints you have, the Medusa is definitely the number 2 for me. Thankfully they're not as dangerous as they used to be.
My top 10 most annoying enemies with explanations:

1. Crawltipedes - They prevent you from flying while you are fighting the Solar pillar. Once you land, everything else will murder you.
2. Desert Spirits - They prevent you from containing corrupted underground desert during early hardmode.
3. Diabolists - Fireballs... fireballs everywhere!
4. Wyverns - Let me fly without distractions!
5. Mothrons - Stop laying eggs and fight like a man!
6. Granite Elementals - Stop following me! Oh, did you just phase through those blocks?
7. Corites - If you manage to protect yourself from other Solar Pillar enemies, Corites will come to say "hi".
8. Fire Imps - Nerfed form of Diabolists.
9. Pigrons - Where did you come from? Well, I should have heard you farting.
10. Elf Copters - Buzzing, gunning and interrupting you from concentrating on other Frost Moon enemies.
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1. Moss Hornets.
Flying machine guns that are still a threat with top-tier armour if you turn your back.

2. Nebula Floaters.
Strong, teleport all over the place and spam lasers. Both them and lasers can go through blocks.

3. Medusa.
More specifically, the Stoned debuff, which can cause outrageous amounts of damage.
I think the key to surviving against Moss Hornets, is to...

1). See/Recognize there's one nearby.
2). Stay moving. They can hit a moving target, but much more rarely than if you're standing still.

#2 is the reason why I still wear my Lightning+ boots even when I have wings. Wings alone are just too slow, especially for lots of movement within small cave areas. If you're ducking and weaving around terrain, and if you're constantly flying up and letting yourself fall while attacking the things, you shouldn't get hit that often.

If you still have trouble, well, you can always make little "safe huts" scattered throughout the jungle, little hidey-holes you can duck in when you need a quick health break where the bees can't shoot you.
For me, Medusa outranks all other annoying enemies by miles. To be honest, I haven't played the game in months, and I'm still bitter about the whole situation around this single enemy. How the devs never gave any real reasoning for why they wanted it to instakill players the way it does, and how there's basically a ban on suggestion threads asking to nerf it, is infuriating.
Surviving against / dealing with Moss Hornets is easy enough. But if you're AFK for a few mins, or you're mining or checking your map, they can get you by surprise and do heavy damage. It's primarily because they're ranged (so things like Thorns won't apply) and they fire very quickly.

And of course, your Stardust Dragon bodyguard is off harassing an off-screen skeleton or something instead of saving you from imminent death. :)
Welp, this is my first thread!

whats are all of your annoying enemies?

Jungle Bat
All bats are dang irritating... jungle bat is the worst.
Jungle bats are in the jungle, which make them more irritating as you also have to worry about dodging hornets and man eaters
and they're small, which makes them harder to hit
AND its the jungle, so if you get hit, you better make sure you don't fall.
Moss Hornet
Moss hornets are in the hardmode jungle, making trips much harder.
theres the Angry Trappers and the Jungle Creepers, but moss hornets are the worst
Ranged, lots of health, always moving, usually comes in a pair, and keeps on dropping too many cabbages (beozars)
Yeah, they just suck.
Diabolists are in the hardmode dungeon, after you beat Plantera.
So late in the game=Easy, right? nope. One ended my first hardcore run.
they are by FAR the most irritating enemy in the dungeon and can be tricky to dodge and farm.
But if you get the rare drop from it, your really lucky
Eater of Souls
This one is of everyone's list and ends so many hardcore runs
The extra spawn rates in the corruption don't help, and the deep pits don't either.
if you fall down a pit, your probably dead. Survived? your getting swarmed by them in a tight space.
The most annoying Pre-Hardmode enemy, but what could be more annoying?
Nebula Floater
This thing has killed me so many times I cannot count. They do incredible amounts of damage, its ungodly!
even with full solar armour, the still do 100 damage.
they also telport, have 2000 health, they are ranged, and can be a pain to dodges sometimes.
I die to these things in one Lunar Event more than i'v died the whole way leading up to it!!!

Do you agree with me? i think you should...

Blazedude77's First Thread!!!!!
fleeping derplings hate them i got witch doctor to jungle in house and then 7 derplings fleeping on top and in front of door i couldn't leave
[doublepost=1498119393,1498119325][/doublepost]also wraiths cause you're nevah safe


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