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Most rage worthy moment you've experienced.


Staff member
I'm fairly certain we've all had one of those moments where you are incredibly mad at a certain mob butchering you when it is near death, or just sheer bad luck getting the better of you (such as the Eater of Worlds knocking you into the chasms).

What's your most ragetastic death you've ever experienced?

Me? Well, I've had the wonderful pleasure of getting my plead for death answered by Plantera when it had 4 health left.


I left a small gap in my arena bridge for the Wall of Flesh. Having him almost dead on the first attempt only to fall into lava. Awesome.


Duke Fishron
Having a friend summon The Destroyer in the house during a blood moon, having it kill all of the NPCs, leaving, and coming back to clowns in the house. Adventures for everyone.

I think the only time my things got more destroyed than that was when I left my friend alone with dynamite. Having all of my things destroyed really just makes me stop playing. xD


Official Terrarian
So it's PvP related, but it still counts:

When my friend Dragan nailed me in seconds with a Harpoon has got to be the worst of all time. And this was VS me equipped with a Megashark, Hallowed armor and all of the (then) endgame gear!

"HARPOOOOOOOOOON!!!" and "HARPWNED!" quickly became two of his favourite phrases, and two of my least favourite. ;-; And from then on, he kept trying the same trick all the time! Hahaha..


This is on mobile, but I hope it counts. So this during hard mode, and I was on a new world, because my old one had only 2 deamon alters (I find out later that it has 10 hidden ones) and I decided to fight skeleton. Not skeleton prime, just skeleton. I had full hallowed armor, 4 light discs, and moor overpowered stuff, and he instakills me. I just sit there for about 5 minutes thinking about this, and I take my phone and hide it. Not very rage like, I know, but I still thought it was worthy for this thread


Eye of Cthulhu
I remember trying to beat the WOF I could NEVER get it to spawn the right way. So I just made a bridge through the whole underworld :D. I still don't know how to spawn it.


Party Girl
When my friend wanted to rush Wall of Flesh. Immediately destroyed by rainbows, unicorns, and wyverns. Had to abandon the world.


In my Singleplayer World, i had OP items and it took me at least 9 tries to kill Duke Fishron. I got SO, SO pissed. After, i finally beat him and all i got was a Flairon which i already had and the drop was worse than my other one and i threw the better one away cause i'm a idiot. -_-
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