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Most rage worthy moment you've experienced.


I suffocated in sand, even at times when I thought myself invincible. Oh how wrong the human race can be...


Headless Horseman
Back when I was doing a hardcore playthrough my second character couldn't climb up a rope out of the water and drown. :dryadmad:


Duke Fishron
So, I fought the wall of flesh, killed it, warrior emblem, yadayada.
I magic mirror back home, only to find that the hallow generated through my house.
could be worse I had basically an identical scenario minus a decent emblem on my first kill the difference it was the crimson that cut through my house... needless to say it wasn't livable any more :(

However for my most rage worthy moment, It has to be when I was hunting for items(furniture demon torches and paintings as well as some ash for brick purposes) from ruined houses on my main character(aka the character that has reached the final wave of the frost moon solo beaten every boss and reached wave 15 in the pumpkin moon before half the night is over)
As I was looting the houses I killed a pesky hell bat that was bothering me... with the horseman's blade... needless to say that this one time there just so happened to be a voodoo demon off screen that just so happened to be targeted by the pumpkin long story short I was too far down to get to the surface and actually fight it so I was dragged by the tongue through obsidian towers, lava pits and massive mountains of ash until lava finally killed me(I had lava waders on but that didn't save me...)
There is nothing more shameful than dieing on an endgame character to a prehardmode boss :(


Every time I have ever fallen into lava.
Also the first time I encountered the Dungeon Hardmode enemies.


Shroomite Ranger and the world he was on got corrupt. Not corruption corrupt. Computer corrupt. Tried again. Adamanite Mage, same fate. Note to self: never turn of computer @ socket again.

A slightly smaller version is when I turned my gems for a hook and phaseblade into red torches. Yay.


Not about the death but my computer turned off when I was going to pick up the North Pole. I was VERY VERY ANGRY because I have like 2 or 3 of the other Frost Moon loots BUT North Pole.
Also I don't know this can happen but a meteor's landed right in my new house, luckily it's just a small spot but I'm just don't want to rebuild them.
(Note to self: Use TEdit to turn off meteor spawn)
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Fishron fight (first one)
Knocked him down to about 130-150 health (there was 2 of us)
Friend dies
I die


The most bullsh** thing I've encountered in Terraria so far are those new TNT block traps that you can now find in caves.

That's always a fun little surprise. Little newbie guy in copper gear just spelunkin' around minding his own business when HALF THE SCREEN EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE AND KILLS HIM.


Got a black lens for the first time when 1.2.4 hit. Crafted the optic staff. Didn't realize it, but I lost it somewhere. Didn't play Terraria for 2 weeks out of rage/disappointment.


Official Terrarian
So, you know how you can trash coins and they won't disappear when you die? yeah i did it with 20 platinum coins
i put blinkroot over them
need i say more?


My top three have to be:
3. Trying to pass my Scourge of the Corrupter to my brother while we were in the Underworld. It fell in a lava pit and that pit went to the bottom of the world. It despawned when it hit the bottom.
2. Fighting Duke Fishron with pre-Golem gear. I failed 17 times, and wasted several hours of truffle worm hunting. Then on the 18th time I won and got... a Tempest Staff. I'm a melee/magic player.
1. Killing Wall of Flesh on a hardcore character and immediately dying to an Ice Golem.


Playing on my first world, laptop overheats due to cooling fans not having been aired out. I make the mistake of forcing a shut down instead of letting it save everything and turn itself off.

When I come back, my character and world are both corrupted.

It's kind of sad, actually, since I just gave up on trying to fix them and now I don't have any evidence of what my first playthrough of the game was like. It's like a child that I don't have any baby photos of.
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Okay I raged at this but I mostly felt stupid at the same time.

So I had my very first world which was before 1.2 was released, which added the bee hives and the Queen Bee as you might know. Well at the time I apparently did not know that my world did not have the bee hives even though it had a jungle. I searched through EVERY SQUARE INCH of that jungle and I could not for the life of me find the bee hive or the Jungle Temple. I went to the wiki and to my dismay I realized my world was out of date and did not generate with these. I was pretty annoyed...but I guess I was a bit of a Terraria noob back then.


I was getting some resources in a mine, having a lot, i mean, A LOT of cool stuff, and then, I decided to take a high freefalling, missing a hook throw and killing myself, respawning (playing nomal-mode character) and... Gobling Invasion, with no armor and very low resources in my chest's house.. I get raped over 9000 times, and it lastet 3 hours of random combat and running to nowhere :(
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