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Mount Hitboxes: Yay Or Nay?

To spookport or not to spookport

  • Spookport

  • Spookportn't

  • Spookport but change _

Results are only viewable after voting.


Mount hitboxes are the same in most attributes, but they cannot fit through the same gaps. For example, the bunny mount needs 4 open vertical blocks to get through, while the player needs 3.

I personally think this is a nuisance and does not add anything to the gameplay. I propose the mount hitboxes share a peaceful 2 by 3.


Duke Fishron
From a player's point of view, this would be the perfect addition so we don't need to make all those Tall Gates. Although if you look at it logically, some mounts are way taller than 3 blocks (i.e; Unicorn, UFO, Bunny and Scutlix)

So, unfortunately, no spookport because my logical point of view is overpowering my player point of view.


King Slime
Funny how I've seen suggestions where the mount hitbox needs to be larger.

In my opinion. It's fine as it is. The larger size is the only downside of the otherwise powerful movement tool. And that feels fair.
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