Mac Mouse cursor not tracked on secondary monitor (OSX/MacOS 10.12.6)

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    I am trying to get Terraria running on a Macbook Pro. I'm running it in windowed mode. I currently have multiple displays hooked up, and the game runs fine on the external displays. However, if I attempt to move it to the laptop display, the cursor is no longer tracked. I can still click, but it's as if the cursor is at the top of the screen and a little to the left. If I select my sword, I can swing it. If I select my bow, I shoot in a mostly upward trajectory but with a left angle to it. I can't click on any menu options. If I move the game there before I start playing, I can navigate the menu with the arrow keys, which moves the cursor over each option, but if I move the mouse at all, I lose it again. If I move it back to one of the external disdplays, it works fine again.
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    Just to verify real quick, the cursor is properly tracked and visible on the second display outside of the game, it's only in game the cursor malfunctions correct?

    Because if it isn't visible at all then we're troubleshooting a technical problem, if it's only in game then we might be looking at a bug that needs to be reported.

    Most of the information i found involves adjusting the size of the mouse cursor, with only a couple sites suggesting alternate solutions.

    Solution about adjusting cursor size
    Alternate solutions

    Let me know if any of that information or solutions were helpful or if your problem persists/was misunderstood.
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    Yes, mouse is fine outside of the game.

    I've done some additional experimentation. It appears to be related somehow to the screen layout. If I move the game window to the secondary external monitor, the cursor is tracked, but with a large vertical offset. If I disconnect the external monitors, the cursor is tracked fine on the laptop display. If I disconnect the primary monitor, the mouse is tracked fine on both of the remaining displays.

    The primary external display is a 4k monitor at 3008x1692 scaled resolution, the secondary external display is 1080p, and the laptop display is 1920x1200 scaled to 1680x1050. I'm attaching a screenshot of the display layout from the system settings.

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    The following threads have reported a similar issue on linux, but no mention of monitor setup. Their issue differs because it was related to thinking a gamepad was plugged in when there was not. Im almost positive their problem is completely different and has nothing to do with your problem, but its best to double check.

    So there's five things I want to check regarding your system.

    1. Are you using Steam Big Picture Mode when launching the game?

    2. Do you have a controller plugged into your system at the time?

    3. If you change the layout so that all monitor planes are aligned either at the top/bottom does the issue still occur?

    4. If all monitors are running at their native resolution rather than the scaled resolution does this problem occur?

    5. When all 3 monitors are plugged in, change the layout of which monitor is shown first, second, and third. Report back which monitors the game tracks the mouse in for the various different combinations. (ie Ex Monitor 1, Laptop Display, Ex Monitor 2 VS Laptop Display, Ex Monitor 1, Ex Monitor 2 vs etc. Etc.)

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. ndgeek

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    1. not big picture

    2. no controller.

    3. top alignment corrects the issue, bottom alignment has the vertical offset. Also tried putting the monitors above/below the primary, both left- and right-aligned as well as approximately centered; none worked.

    4. Native vs scaled impacts screen placement in relation to one another, so there appears to be some level of variation between configurations and where the cursor ends up. Because of the different resolutions, the only working solution appears to be horizontal alignment across the top.

    5. The game tracks with the "primary" display, so whichever display has the little white bar is the primary, and that's the one that the others have to horizontally align to at the top. Any other configuration either doesn't align with the mouse at all or has an offset. Physical order doesn't matter (left, center, right)

    Does that cover all the scenarios you outlined? I'm happy to test anything else.
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    When you say top alignment corrects the issue, you mean both the vertical offset AND the invisible mouse cursor correct? So if users use top alignment they won't run into the issue you're speaking about right?

    Just wanted to verify.
  7. ndgeek

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    Effectively, yes. It appears that the "invisible" cursor is due to the mouse just flat out not aligning with what the game window thinks is its display area. The vertical offset appears to be due to a partial alignment. Aligning horizontally across the top will mitigate the issue, but has its own issues outside of the game (primarily cursor placement when navigating between displays). The best way I can describe it is the game seems to think all secondary windows align with the top of the primary display and are placed to the left or right. Any shift from that creates a scenario where the game doesn't track the cursor the same way as the system does.
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    Alright thank you for testing those scenarios for me, I believe this to be a bug with the game, so I'm going to see if I can get this moved to the bug reports section. I wish I had the money to invest in various more hardware options to help test scenarios outside my usual scope of operation but sadly I do not. Hopefully more users with MacOS systems with three monitors can help verify how widespread this bug is.


    Bug Description: The in game cursor does not get properly tracked if all external displays are not top aligned. Could be because how the game tracks the cursor vs how the system tracks the cursor based on where Terraria thinks is its display area.

    Machine Specifications of Tested Rigs:
    1. Macbook Pro hooked up to two external monitors running MacOS 10.12.6
    Steps to Reproduce:

    Workarounds: Re-align the horizontal plane of the monitors so that they are top aligned. This can be done through Apple's system preferences.

    Impact: High
    Widespread: ??? Larger Sample Size Required
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    I'm using work toys for play ;-)

    I was actually just able to reproduce the issue on an iMac connected to the 4k monitor. If I set the 4k to primary and move the arrangement of the iMac display to anything other than top-aligned, I see the same issues. The MBP and the 1080p monitor have close enough vertical resolutions that I may not have noticed the offset if it existed. So basically, I don't think it's limited to three displays.
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