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PC Muertos Pack - Bosses and some more


Fueled by various phobias and also caffeine,
Activated by many kind strangers on Reddit.

muertos treeeee.png

What started as a silly little doodle of The Twins erupted into a working texture pack. Oh dear.
Give some of those terraria boss fights an unnecessary grotesque edge that they deserve. This texture pack is a work-in-progress, so be sure to return sometime. It gets lonely here...

Texture pack includes:
King Slime (NEW)​
Queen Bee (NEW)​
Wall of Flesh​
The Twins​
Skeletron Prime​
Pre-hardmode slimes​
Pre-hardmode jungle enemies​
Other enemies (one abomination, for sure.)​







+ 1.2 | Upcoming!
- Corruption and Crimson update
- maybe perhaps possibly mmmmm eye of cthulhu...?

+ v1.1.1 | December 5th, 2020
- King Slime and Queen Bee added!
- Fixed The Dark Side of the Hallow painting not existing (thanks to Dg-vr!)
- Added slime balloon textures. They were missing from last update, sorry.
- Slime mount added!
- Post made to look coolerer :)

+ v1.1 | November 15th, 2020
- Hornets, Snatcher, Man Eater, and most pre-hardmode slimes added!
(This is the first half of the 1.1 update. Second half will be released soon...)

+ v1.0.2 | October 27th, 2020
- Updated banners for most enemies in the pack.
- Updated gore textures for some enemies as well.
- Redesigned Clinger enemy.

+ v1.0.1 | October 22nd, 2020
- Public Release! Have fun!
- Fixed Weapon Rack item having an incorrect texture.

+ v1.0 | October 21st, 2020
- Initial Release! (well not technically released since its a WIP, but just... available?)
- Mechanical Bosses, Wall of Flesh, and Skeletron added!
- Various other resprites included, such as Corruption enemies, Hallow enemies, Post-Plantera Enemies, and more!
- In reality, I didn't keep track of all the resprites I included. You and I are in for some surprises, right?

Download the pack here!
Version 1.1.1 | Dropbox Download


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Official Terrarian
May I be the first to say, HOLY CANNOLI. This is breath-taking, and the detail is out of this world. You have done an amazing job with these and it's terrifying actually. I hope we can see more of this! :D <3


Version 1.0.2 is live!

This was formally the 1.1 update, but it is soo minor that I've decided to demote it.

This update features banners and gores for the current enemies seen in the texture pack. There's also a new clinger redesign thrown in there because I was unhappy with it's previous design.

Let me know if there are banners and/or gore textures I missed.


I would download this but well... i dont really like these realistic features on them and it kinda ruins the terraria experience for me. its pretty god damn good tough


Version 1.1 is here (not entirely :c )!

It's been a slow November. I work on this pack on-and-off, and part of me feels kind of guilty not having produced more.

Regardless, we have pre-hardmode jungle enemies and most pre-hardmode slimes! Rejoice over some of the most annoying pests in the game, right?
The second half of this update will feature two more bosses. yeeeeehaaaaww


I should just tell ya this now, but you shouldn't use Dropbox, and the Main reason I say that is for preservation in the future. Going back to the remnants of Terraria Online can lead to most files being unavailable because Dropbox removed them automatically. Whenever you link the files on the post, however, they stay accessible even through the Internet Archive! :dryadgrin:


May I be the first to say, HOLY CANNOLI. This is breath-taking, and the detail is out of this world. You have done an amazing job with these and it's terrifying actually. I hope we can see more of this! :D <3
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