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Multi-type arena


I made an arena (sorry for stray tombstones, some testing was needed...) in Expert mode for the Frost/Pumpkin moon with a setup for every class, though it might be a nice model to copy/work off of. In the first picture is the melee area with statues for the horseman's blade. In the next image is a platform for any post plantera player who's devoted to raining hell down on whatever has spawned on the platform, and in the final, it is a picture of a segment of a larger area set off to the side for dealing with 1 on 1 bosses or kiting pumpkings/ice queens. All of these are relatively close, each barely out of view of the other, far enough away so it is easy to get to but mobs won't spawn on it when your not there. This makes skipping between arena type very easy in situations like hitting wave 7 on the pumpkin moon and not just dealing with the mourning woods troublesome heavy fire but also now a pumpking flies out of the ground and your left in kind of a sticky situation with most mob grind arenas (not boss arenas, that's a whole other topic) but in my case, I can just fly over to the boss arena nearby (it has a lava floor and some of the dart traps will still sweep the ground platform.). This isn't putting two arenas close to each other it's more combining them. Sorry for being so repetitive, someones probably already done this but hey it might be helpful to some of you out there with engineering block.


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