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hi so this is the ooc for my murder drones rp, if you want to join, just say so!
this rp is in a universe with cute little robots that murder each other for some reason💀 🤠
this place will most definitely have spoilers for Murder Drones, so please watch murder drones(or read the summaries i wrote) first.
this rp is set after EP 3 of Murder Drones, so we can kinda just invent our own story out of what has been given to us.
Rules are generic RP rules so go read someone else's post on the forums to see the rules
Uzi: Eternium
N: ThatGuyWithAFluffyScarf
V: nobody
J: nobody
Tessa: nobody
(Anything beyond this point is a murder drones OC!)
Z: Eternium
So there are two species of robots in this world. The first are worker drones, which essentially act as intelligent AI able to mine exoplanets. Then, there are also…murder drones disassembly drones. After the worker drones went free, the company that made them was mad cuz bad, so they sent squads of disassembly drones to kill all of the workers. Anyway, one worker named Uzi was too edgy for her own good, and that caused her to sneak into the murder drones lair because she needed a part for a rail gun, and met N, who is a clumsy yet hilarious disassembly drone. She met N on the battlefield, where N was trying to kill her and then Uzi blew his head off and it got regenerated blah blah blah. After that, Uzi accidentally let the disassembly drones into the place all the workers on that planet were living, and Uzi ended up killing N’s boss, J(or so it seemed at the time, just keep reading.), and capturing N’s crush/colleague, V(V hates N, which is why no romance between those two). Uzi ends up banishing herself, plots to kill all humans, blah blah blah. Currently, V is chained up in the landing pod that the Murders arrived in, Uzi is monologuing, and N is asleep. That’s episode 1.

N has a dream/nightmare/idk what it is, and it was that the Murder Drones were once Workers. It currently has nothing to do with the plot. He then wakes up and falls because he was sleeping like a bat. Uzi finds something in the landing pod, and when she looks in the mirror, her special eye shatters it(AbsoluteSolver is also known as Uzi’s special eye). Uzi blames V, and V threatens to do an autopsy to find out if it was her. N comes in, Uzi slaps the thingy she found on N’s hat, and he finds out he was the pilot of the…crashed…pod… ANYWAYS, some kind of monster is killing workers in the worker home, and Uzi and N decide to return after Thad, a minor character who Uzi saved in EP 1, gave Uzi her railgun back because she left it by J’s corpse. Thad also delivers the missing people news, and that’s when they decide to return for a little. During all of this, most minor characters(Uzi’s Dad, the Teacher, and I forgot the rest.)were at the parent-teacher conference, where Uzi’s dad is ranting about how Uzi is perfectly fine, and the Teacher was playing solitaire in the background. The “popular kids” were sitting in the back, and the Lizzie asks Doll where her parents are. Doll has a flashback, then says in her natural language(Russian), “Dead. I watched them die.” Doll sees someone that looks like her outside the door, tries to let them in(huge mistake), and Purple uses AbsoluteSolver to destroy the door. Back to the main characters, after investigation, an arm grabs onto Thad’s leg and drags him away. Uzi and N run after him, and after a very suspicious interaction with a hologram of him, N throws and Uzi kicks a ninja star, freeing Thad. He runs away, then Uzi and N start a battle with Eldritch J. They win because Eldritch J broke Uzi’s railgun and it exploded, but also we saw Uzi’s dead mom. Uzi ran away and is now viewing a conspiracy she made on her ceiling, N is now depressed, and V is free but she’s faking it. That’s episode 2!

The episode starts by being zoomed in on a bunch of missing person posters. Doll kills a girl that was kind of just...running from nothing by going Super Saiyan with the Solver thingy, and then goes home. When she's home, she puts away her books with the Solver using telekinesis, crosses someone off the list of prom queen, and then says hi to her parents. We get a better view of her house, and it was a crime scene but this is where they hid the body.

Uzi wakes up, feeling guilty about either calling N a "thing" or just running away. Either way, she wakes up looking at her conspiracy theory, sees N's letter saying "Thank you for being my friend!" and goes into a groaning compilation. Someone hit Uzi in the middle of her groaning session, so she tries to throw a book at them, but it misses. She then sees the missing person posters and steals a few for her conspiracy theory, but her dad took all the paper involved in that away. She then has an argument with her dad about that, and her dad grounds her from seeing "those bad influencing murder drones". Her dad also got her a prom dress and forced her to go to prom with Lizzie and Doll. Uzi screams and the camera goes to the landing pod. N apparently found some prom dresses because V told him to, and he's just like "We can't interact with the workers...but I want to be dapper... but we can't" V reveals her plans for prom genocide, and N refuses. He says a lot of stuff about lore and their past blah blah blah, and V makes a compromise where if N frees her, she'll only kill if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Uzi, Lizzie, and Doll enter Doll's house, which on regular earth, would be considered absolutely disgusting. Littered with cockroaches and machine oil. Uzi tries to leave, but she gets locked in, and Doll stands menacingly at the door, telling Uzi where the bathroom is so she can change.

N is still looking between the key and V, and the ONE moment that we thought V was nice, she decapitates N.

Uzi changes in the bathroom, and her version of AbsoluteSolver shatters yet another mirror(even though Uzi tried to tame it). While trying to hide it, she overheard a conversation with Lizzie and ???, something about no one noticing that someone's missing. Uzi nearly swears, but she hears something drip, and turns around to the shower at Doll's house, dripping with blood and very eerie music. She draws back the shower curtain, and...

N's decapitated body regenerates back in the landing pod, and he realizes that V escaped with her prom dress. He wants to go after her, but he just peeks back in the pod and says "Dapper N".

In the shower at Doll's house, there are a bunch of discarded mirrors covered in blood(or machine oil, i'm not 100% sure). Uzi is absolutely freaked out by it. She hears footsteps outside the bathroom, so she looks at the vent, and when Doll walks in, Uzi escaped through the vent using the discarded mirrors as stairs.

Uzi is outside the doors by now, trying to run, and she ends up running into N. After a little bit of confusion, Uzi says that she could use N's help as an emotional support friend.

At the prom, everyone is having fun. Well, everyone but Uzi's dad. He is really worried about his daughter, because she isn't here yet, for obvious reasons. Lizzie takes the stage, and says that the entire prom court "mysteriously" disappeared, their queen by forfeit, is "this".

V takes the stage via crashing through the roof, claws out. Lizzie tries to comfort everyone, saying that she and V were besties now, but it turns out V was just manipulating Lizzie to murder all the workers. V then realizes that Lizzie just wanted her to be prom queen, so she accepts her crown, puts her weapons away, and begins to say a speech, but Doll tries to use Solver to kill V, Uzi and N crash the prom, and have no idea what's going on, and Doll traps V by running a pole through her hands, and Doll kind of genocides the workers. V tries to shoot her, but Doll got a protective barrier using Solver, so it literally does nothing except ricochet off her shield. Doll ends up nearly killing V, but N kicks the spiked ceiling fan she threw back at Doll, which she blocks using the Solver.
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I'm just going to bring this up, but I think it'd be a good idea to summarise briefly the plot of the first two episodes, to make this more accessible for people who'd rather just get a quick summary or a refresher of the plot.

In a spoiler, so that people can still just watch the episodes instead if they'd like.
I'm just going to bring this up, but I think it'd be a good idea to summarise briefly the plot of the first two episodes, to make this more accessible for people who'd rather just get a quick summary or a refresher of the plot.

In a spoiler, so that people can still just watch the episodes instead if they'd like.
did that, it’s in the first post now
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