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  1. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    The Museum of Pixel Art proudly presents ...

    Gaiden, circa March 2015.
    Jack Skellington, circa March 2015. From the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas"
    ] Jack-xbox-test.png
    hello kitty.jpg
    Panda bears I called "Ben and Jerry". Circa March 2015.
    ben and jerry.jpg
    The Light house next to a fishing shack for Duke Fishron champions. Circa December 2015.
    Cheshire, circa March 2015. From Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland"
    Cheshire on Terraria.png
    The Pokémon Collection-Grass type, circa April 2015 (180m wide x 110 m high). Request by @crazytater94. Original pixel art by Paul Robertson.

    pokemon on terraria.png

    Section 1

    Section 2

    Section 3

    Section 4

    Section 5

    Section 6
    Leblanc, circa May 2015. A champion of the League of Legends. An assassin mage famous in the Summoner's Rift.
    Bengal on the Prowl, circa June 2015. An endangered feline species (Panthera tigris tigris). Possibly extinct on Terraria as I've seen only one.
    Ryze, circa July 2015. Request by @Khaios. A champion of the League of Legends. A rogue mage from Runeterra, almost always on the list of banned champions in the Summoner's Rift.
    Rorix Bladewing, circa July 2015. Request by @VaeVictis. Not a duck, not a plane, but a Dragon from Magic The Gathering.
    Honky Tonk Jeep, circa August 2015. Request by @Corrupt Animals. This Jeep is for display only, not intended for driving.
    Annie Hastur, circa October 2015. The Dark Child champion of League of Legends. A Pyromaniac and overall scary little kid.
    The Gate, circa October 2015. My first attempt at perspective building (3D).
    Video courtesy of youtuber DjXavier. Special thanks to FattyMcB1unt for dragging DjXavier to my world.
    ReDigit, circa December 2015. Terraria and Lilith's daddy!

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    Last edited: Feb 23, 2016
  2. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Can I spam the like button more than once? Sheesh! I didn't think you'd be done already! It looks fantastic :D
    Great work!!
    Catz likes this.
  3. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thanks! I finished this a week ago, just didn't get pictures til today. I might not build anything that have green colors for a while...
    RAGNAR, Nike Leon and Khaios like this.
  4. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Maybe something nice and pink. It's as opposite to green as you can get, anyway ;D
    Catz likes this.
  5. Sargon

    Sargon Terrarian

    Fabulous! So many so real like pokémons! I'd never have patience for something like that. It must have taken a lot of time with a console. What's the world size?
  6. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    "Not big enough"
    JohnnyGui, Catz and Sargon like this.
  7. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thanks!!! Took me more than a week to build, carve, mine blocks. This is a small world. But the pixel art is the largest so far. The other artwork are large as well. You can see some on the corner edges.
  8. CzarnyKasztan

    CzarnyKasztan Terrarian

    Mother of Pixel Art... Seriously i never seen any better pixel art than this. Awesome!
    Catz likes this.
  9. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thank you!!
  10. crazytater94

    crazytater94 Terrarian

    That looks amazing, you did a really good job, now to start on the fire and water ones that i gave you, lol.
    Catz likes this.
  11. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Glad you like!! I don't have those (fire & water). I don't think you sent them to me. But I hope there's no green in those. I'm prepping for another pixel art. Once I finish, i'll line up the next pokemon class. It might take a while, this pixel art might be bigger than the pokemon collection.
  12. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Section 2 of the Pokémon Collection added to the thread.
    Khaios likes this.
  13. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Section 3 of the Pokémon Collection added to the thread.
    Khaios likes this.
  14. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    that's a lot of work and more credits because it's made in console, congratulations because looks great I'm not a pokemon fan, but is hard to ignore the awesomeness, I have the feeling that you're very patient
  15. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thanks! It just takes a while for me to take pictures of the art. I've been working on another pixel art.
    Jewsus likes this.
  16. Jewsus

    Jewsus Official Terrarian

    Some nice work here I look forwards to seeing LeBlanc :D
    Catz likes this.
  17. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thanks! Leblanc is slowly coming along...
  18. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Oh, so seriously fun looking! Those are incredible pieces that you've put together. So cute!
    Catz likes this.
  19. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Thanks! I wonder if anyone can name all of these characters though...
  20. Catz

    Catz Terrarian

    Section 4 of the Pokémon Collection added to the thread.