1. metalmario

    metalmario Skeletron Prime

    Here's one airship I built to work as my base of operations. I took inspiration from the old Final Fantasy games and Super Mario Bros. 3 airships.
    The big room in the center would be the "engine room" and it holds everything I need, like crafting stations and my chests. Everything in there is steampunk furniture. That switch inside normally turn on and off(actuators) the barriers I made to protect the inside of the ship(removed to take the screenshot), and that teleporter is a way to go to the ground level.
    Outside the "engine room", as you can see, are the NPC houses. I used boreal wood because it's the best looking in my opinion. Outside there are "propellers", I made a mess with actuators so those things would give the impression that they are rotating(I use the 3 1-second timers in the upper right for that). And some flags I put there for fun.
    I know it's nowhere as good as many other buildings in this section, but I posted it here because I was pretty happy with how it turned out to be, and wanted to show you guys so you could give me your opinions. I'd put it here earlier, but I couldn't make the screenshot without the 1.3 camera controls.( I'm bad with Image editors). Also, if some of you want to see a daylight version of it, tell me and I'll put it here.
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