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My AMAMOAA (Ask Me And My OCs Almost Anything)

Should I make an Art/Music thread?

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Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
I think the name's pretty self-explanatory.

Btw, my OCs might accept questions, so you can ask them stuff.
Madeline (A Meowstic who's also a scientist)
Red (Madeline from a universe where everything is worse)
Swap (Madeline from a universe where everyone is swapped with someone else)
Name: Madeline
Gender: Female
Species: Meowstic
Age: 16 (But technically 31)
Birthday: November 15th
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Appearance: A female Meowstic wearing a purple bracelet who has a scar on her leg. She’s taller than average.
Personality: Loves science and Sushi. She doesn’t get along well with most people, but forms close bonds with those she does consider friends, although it is sometimes one-sided. She’s a pessimist.
Eve (Best friend)
Clot/Melody (Love interest)
Reese (Friend, kind of)
Abilities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation. Uses laser cannons, gravity shifts, and crystal spikes, and contact with such attacks causes Karmic Retribution damage.
Backstory: Joined the group as one of Enigma’s Pokémon, but stayed when he left. She reset her personal timeline after she had her heart broken.
Quirks: Can create Telepathy Links, and has an extensive knowledge of timelines and space time. Can dodge really well. Immune to poisoning.
Character flaws: Cripplingly bad defenses, can come off as blunt.
Extra/Trivia: Text Color
Moveset: Psychic, Hone Claws, Focus Blast, Poltergeist, Stealth Rock,
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Often lost in Thought
Holds a Life Orb
Name: Madeline (Fell)
Nickname: Red
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: November 15th
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance (Pictures or Description): Same as Madeline, except their fur is more ruffled, and their bracelet is red*
Species: Meowstic
Personality: Same as Madeline, but more cynical and aggressive.
Equipment/Weapons and armor: N/A
Ablities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation,
Quirks: Pretty good at dodging, isn’t tricked easily. Really hates Blood Crawlers for some reason.
Flaws: Doesn’t truly trust anyone
Backstory: Similar to the original Madeline’s, but in the Fell timeline, she collected pieces of the souls of people she fought, with the sole exception being Clot. Out of these shards, the biggest and most powerful belongs to her universe’s version of Reese, which gives her the power of his red knives.
Text color: #ad0000
Name: Madeline (Swap)
Nickname: Swap
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: April 20th
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance (Pictures or Description): Same as Madeline, but bracelet is on their right wrist instead, and it’s blue
Species: Meowsitc
Personality: Kind, caring and pretty smart, if not a little naive.
Equipment/Weapons and armor:
Ablities: Telepathy, Telekinesis
Quirks: Trust people pretty easily
Flaws: Is tricked easily, can’t dodge really well
Text color: #707ac4
Pardio ( A Liepard with a bit of a short temper.)
Character Name: Pardio
Character Nickname: Pardy (Madeline)
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 17
Birthday: February 29th
Allignment: Lawful Neutral
Character Appearance: A shiny Liepard, wearing the second bracelet
Character Species: Liepard
Character Height: Liepard's height
Character Weight: Liepard's weight
Character Personality: Kinda smug, but cares about Madeline. He sleeps a lot.
Character Equipment: Normal Gem
Character Abilities: Type: Dark. Ability: Unburden. Moves: Night Slash, Slash, Fury Cutter, Swagger, Fake Out.
Can talk somehow
Character Backstory: Madeline’s childhood friend
Character Quirks: Also hates getting wet, and is very lucky
Character Flaws: Easily overcome by force. They aren't as fearless as they like to believe
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Takes lots of siestas.
Extras/Trivia: Chat color is "This."
Eve (A friendly Weavile)
Name: Eve
Gender: Female
Species: Weavile
Age: 14
Birthday: April 20th
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: An average sized Weavile wearing a purple bracelet.
Personality: Kind and caring. Possibly a little naive, although she’s pretty smart. Really likes steak and is a bit of a messy eater. She’s pretty perceptive, and will try to help those around her when they feel sad.
Abilities: Can create icicles and ice spikes, and can lower the temperature around her.
Backstory: When Madeline reset her personal timeline, something occurred that made Eve’s family target Madeline during a hunt earlier in her life. When Eve refused to kill Madeline, she was abandoned by her family and started to live with Madeline. Eve got along well with Madeline, and was a good companion for her as Eve’s Dark typing made her immune to Madeline’s psychic bursts. A few years later, a trainer named Harlem caught them both and trained them for 5 years. It was during this time that Eve developed a crush on Madeline, but their time with a trainer was cut short when Harlem released them both after losing a battle in an important tournament. after that, they discovered an abandoned lab in which they lived until they came to the group.
Quirks: Fast, and can block hits with ice.
Flaws: Can’t dodge well, a little too trusting.
Extra/Trivia: Text Color
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Moveset: Knock Off, Triple Axle, Icicle Spear, Toxic
Holds a Razor Claw
Toxic (A Croagunk whose name matches his personality)
Name: Toxic
Level: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Croagunk
Side (protagonist or antagonist): Antagonist
Appearance (you can leave this empty if they look the same as the rest of their kind, but if they're shiny you should still clarify): He
Personality: He’s a selfish jerk. Toxic was named after his favorite move And his personality and likes to play dirty.
Backstory (Optional): He’s from the same forest as Eve, and came here following her. Teheran two of them hate each other (Gee, I wonder why)
Ability: Poison Touch
Other abilities (Optional):
Moves: Toxic, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Taunt
Held Item (Optional but recommended): Wiki Berry
Strengths: Pretty fast and strong, has a x4 advantage over Eve due to his fighting type. He has pretty decent defenses too. He has a pretty good knowledge of the effects of different berries, but not much else.
Weaknesses: He isn’t very smart.
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Proud of his power
Text color (optional): #2969B0
M2 (A biotechnical experiment and Mewtwo)
Lupa (A werewolf and spy)
Name: Lupa
Nickname: N785
Age: 25
Birthday: March 8th
Species: Human (Werewolf)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black tracksuit, gripped boots, dark brown hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, pale(ish) skin. In wolf form, they are a large jet black wolf.
Equipment: A sniper rifle, eye scope, handheld computer/ phone (Used for hacking and communication)
Character Abilities: Can control her wolf form completely. Can walk up walls because of their boots.
Affiliation: Hacker, Spy. Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Cold, although will join forces with someone they see as superior. Everyone should be wary of her however, as she likes to betray weakened allies. She seems to like killing a little too much. After further investigation it appears her lycanthropy affected her conscience.
Quirks: Good at chess
Flaws: Untrusting, and overestimates herself sometimes.
Extras: When Lupa talks, her chat color is "This."
Battle Theme
Klaire (A fallen human who is a pacifist)
Name: Klaire
Age: 15
Birthday: July 12th
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Alignment: Good
Appearance: Wears a light blue T-shirt with beige khaki shorts. She has blue eyes and brown hair, and wears a daisy bárrete in her hair.
Personality: Kind and caring, although they can get their guard up in less than a second. Although they try to hide it, the fact that nearly all of their childhood friends have died has really taken a toll on them
Equipment: A sword that looks kinda like the Ultra Sword from Kirby. Every once in a while, the sword has reflections in it
Abilities: Can use the magic of the six human souls, unless their magic is glitched.
Strengths: She is pretty strong, and can sense her opponent’s willingness to fight pretty easily
Weaknesses: Trusts people too easily, and tries to never kill an opponent unless it’s absolutely necessary
Other: Oh yeah, they charge a body with Reese, and the body changes form when they switch control.
SOUL type: Lavender Blue: Temperamental
Text color: #3D8EB9
Reese (A fallen human who is neutral (Kind of))
Name: Reese
Age: 17
Birthday: August 7th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Appearance: Has brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a red striped T-shirt with jeans and black sneakers
Personality: Pretty cocky, likes the color red (obviously). He has a grim sense of humor and can be blunt at times.
Equipment: A single red knife.
Abilities: Can create magical red knives
Strengths: Really strong, can take damage well. Does good in close quarters combat too.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t really trust anyone. He doesn’t usually take the path of mercy unless faced with a battle against a friend.
Other: My AU’s versión of Chara. Also, when I started playing Terraria, I used him as my main character, so I guess he’s a Terraria OC too..? Oh yeah, they share a body with Klaire, and the body changes form when they switch control.
SOUL type: Red (Determination)
Text color: #B8312F
Enigma (A vain Pokémon trainer)
Character Nickname: Enigma
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 19
Birthday: February 29th
Character Appearance:
Character Species: Human
Character Height: 5’6”
Character Weight: 125 lbs
Character Personality: Vain in the way that they will duck under cover to fix their hair in the middle of combat. A good secret keeper, and very caring (but tries to hide it)
Character Equipment: 1 each of Mega ring, anklet, necklace, And 2 mega bracelets. He also has a LOT of bottled water.
Character Abilities: Is very accurate. Immune to magic.
Character Backstory: At the age of 11, he went out to become Pokémon champion of the Kalos region, and succeeded in only 2 months. He was defeated at age 14 by Diantha. He then decided to explore the world, and he met some of the greatest trainers in the world.
Character Quirks: Likes to make an entrance the most dramatic way possible. Gets headaches often. Collects mega stones.
Character Flaws: How vain he is.
Extras/Trivia: Enigma uses all of his jewelry in battle to mega evolve up to 6 Pokémon at a time. It is for this reason that he got the nickname Enigma. His chat color is “This.” (#9BF69E)
Alakazam, Male. Type: Psychic. Ability: Synchronize. Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Focus Blast, Nasty Plot; Lucario, Male. Types: Fighting/ Steel. Ability: Justified. Moves: Close Combat, Iron Defense, Bone Rush, Dragon Pulse. When Mega Evolved, knows Aura Sphere as well; Aegislash, Male. Types: Steel, Ghost. Ability: Stance Change. Aegislash is often held by Lucario as a weapon, with his shield as a shield. Moves: Sacred Sword, King’s Shield, Shadow Ball, Sword’s Dance; Zoroark, Female. Type: Dark. Ability: Illusion, which, rather than working normally, can make it look like any Pokémon. Moves: Dark Pulse, Fake out, Sucker Punch, Mimic; Gallade, Male. Types: Psychic/ Fighting. Ability: Plus (but with the Attack stat rather that Sp. Attack) Moves: Double-Edge, Flame Charge, Wild Charge, Sword’s Dance. Also knows Baton Pass when Mega Evolved; Gardevoir, Female. Types: Psychic, Fairy. Ability: Minus. Moves: Psychic, Moonblast, Heal Pulse, Baton Pass. Also knows Cosmic Power when Mega Evolved.
Arcanine, Male. Ability: Flame Body. Moves: Flame Charge, Overheat, Wild Charge, Crunch; Salamance, Male.Types: Dragon, Flying. Ability: Intimidate. Moves: Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Hurricane. When Mega Evolved, Ability is Aerialate; Aggron, Male. Types: Rock, Steel. Ability: Sturdy. Moves: Flash Cannon, Stone Edge, Giga Impact, Metal Burst. Knows Heavy Slam when Mega Evolved; Raichu, Female. Type: Electric. Ability: Lightning Rod. Moves: Thunder, Rain Dance, Charge, Charge Beam; Mewtwo, Male. Ability: Pressure. Moves: Psywave, Psystrike, Recover, Substitute; Mew, Female. Ability: Any Ability, but usually Magical Coat. Moves: Any moves, but usually Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant, Hidden power (Which is the type closest to the color I get on the Random Color Generator).
His battle music: BOSS FIGHT, and When his Pokemon are mega evolved.
K (A Pokemon trainer loosely based on myself)
Character name: Something that starts with a K
Character Nickname: K
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 29
Birthday: March 7th
Character Appearance: Messy brown hair, teal(ish) eyes, black denim pants, purple hoodie, Red shirt, Black leather loafers, hat with fairy type symbol on it
Character Species: Human
Character Personality: kinda bold, knows a lot of powerful trainers
Character Equipment: 3 Pokemon teams, magnet gloves
Character Abilities: can use a bright light that comes out of the palm of the gloves, uses in combat to blind opponents
Character Backstory: A gym leader in Jhoto, uses fairy type pokemon. Also was the champion of Hoenn for a bit and a temporary replacement for Hala in Alola's Elite 4.
Character Quirks: Surprisingly good at fighting
Character Flaws: Can be incredulous at times



His chat color is "This." (97dbba)
Fun Fact: I actually have all these Pokemon in my games. Ziggy is in My Sword and Shield party with Arromatisse, Slurpuff and Hatterenne, Swellow is in Omega Ruby, Greninja is in X, and the rest are in my Sun and Ultra Moon games.
Battle theme:
Gym Battle
Elite 4
Champion/Trainer Battle
Grigio, a serious ninja.
Character Name: Grigio
Character Nickname: Gray
Gender: Male
Character age: ???
Character appearance: Looks like Snake from Metal Gear solid, but his clothes are gray instead of camo.
Character abilities: Shurikin, and elemental magic, can see all living things through barriers 1" or less thick
Character height: 5’11”
Character Equipment: Elemental Shurikin, smoke bombs, Katana Of Slaying, 5 daggers, poison, spike bearings, grappling hook fitted into the wrist of his robe. Has a pet Poison Dart Frog, who helps with assasinations
Personality: Ruthless if pursuing a target. Doesn’t speak much, but you should listen if he does; speaks a bit more to people he trusts
Affilation: Assasin/ Bounty Hunter. Lawful Neutral
Quirks: Dislikes having people touch them, will respond with their daggers
Flaws: Will never completely trust anyone. Grew up poor, so will do almost anything for money, and will sell out most people. Also, in between their shoulders is a weak spot.
Text Color: “This.”
Azure (A serious Pokemon Trainer)
Garnet (A playful pokemon trainer)
Name: Garnet
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Kind of annoying sometimes, but is a hard worker and is full of determination. They get a little overexcited, love to battle, and are Azure's rival and friend. She can be a bit hotheaded.
Appearance: See trainer card
Abilities: Skilled in martial arts
Quirks: although they don't often say it, they enjoy pretty things and will sometimes groom their Pokemon's fur for hours on end.
Flaws: Gets in over their head way too easily, and tends to make enemies more than friends not because they are mean, but rather because many find her annoying.
Extras/Trivia: text color is "This."
Pokemon team:


Text color: “This”
Lily (A perseverant mage)
Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: June 29th
Alignment: Lawful Good / Chaotic Evil
Appearance (Pictures or Description): Lily has black hair with a purple streak and grayish eyes. her shirt is purple and has an image of the Delta Rune on it, and she also wears gray sweatpants. her glasses are silver, and she has a locket in the shape of half of an orange heart.
Species: Human
Personality: Lily is very smart, and has an interest in magic and the properties of souls. Despite being the oldest of the Fallen Humans, she is quite shy and timid
Equipment/Weapons and armor: A magical book that has information on almost anything.
Abilities: Lily can copy the signature spells of other people, and also use spectral hands to attack.
Backstory: The last human to fall down Mount Ebbot before Klaire, and one of Resse's closest friends.
Flaws: She is relatively frail, and usually needs support in a fight.
SOUL type: Purple (Perseverance)
Text color
Jay (A fallen human who likes violence a bit too much)
Name: Jay
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: October 9th
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance (Pictures or Description): a blond-haired boy with a red bandana and orange eyes. He wears an orange shirt and black shorts, and has two red cloths that he wraps around his knuckles.
Species: Human
Personality: A bit hard-headed and impulsive, though he is very protective of friends. Jay usually resolves conflicts with violence and can be quick to assume.
Equipment/Weapons and armor: A pendant in the shape of half of a purple heart
Abilities: Jay is quite fast and strong, usually outpacing and defeating opponents before they can counterattack. His soul magic allows him to use fire magic, which increases the damage that his punches do. Sometimes, his two eyes will flash one at a time in a particular pattern as a warning of an attack pattern.
Backstory: The second to last human to fall down Mount Ebbot before Klaire, and Reese's best friend. He has the Bravery soul.
Flaws: He can easily underestimate his opponents, which leads to him getting in way over his head.
SOUL type: Orange (Bravery)
Text color
Lucas (A fallen human who wields a gun for his neutral special has a strong sense of justice)
Impostor (Sus)
Xiver (A friendly but serious Human/Electro Dragon hybrid)
Yvonne (A kind and caring Harpy)
Ask almost anything (nothing too personal such as location, age or gender, you know the drill)
Also, here’s my favorite/least favorite Pokemon of each type! My favorite type is fairy : )

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