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My AMAMOAA (Ask Me And My OCs Almost Anything)

Should I make an Art/Music thread?

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Official Terrarian


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Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
Oh, you meant a normal rat. I guess they’re fine.
I don’t like them much.
They’re creepy.
Good for pranks.
They’re cute!
They cause bad memories for me.
They’re delicious.
Don’t really care about them.
I guess they’re kind of cute…
They understand me.
None of ‘em have broken the law.
I like them.
They keep me company sometimes.

Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
They’re easy to kill.
Do you know how hard it is to get slime out of your fur?
I cut through them like butter.
They’re good listeners.
I agree with Madeline and Eve.
Bad, I guess.
They do too little damage to be a problem.
They hit me once and now they all shall die.
They probably have broken a few laws, actually.

Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
Queen Bee.
Brain Of Cthulhu.
Ice Queen ü
Skeletron Prime
Empress of Light
There isn’t a cat one…
The Twins (Spazmatism)
Moon Lord
The Twins (Retinazer)
Lunatic Cultist
Solar Pillar
Stardust Pillar
Martian Saucer
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Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
That one oc that is fanatical about laws, don’t let them read my signature
I’m not fanatical about laws, I just know the difference between right and wrong.

favorite maro game
Mario Maker 2
3D World
Bowser’s Fury (I know it’s a DLC, deal with it.)
Mario Sunshine
3D World (For this, there is a cat one.)
Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Same ⬆️
It was a very good one⬆️
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart Wii
Mario 64


If you know right to wrong, then should i be allowed to steal bank money if i was gonna use it to pay for a homeless persons dinner

Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
Stealing’s still wrong m8. If you wanna buy something for a homeless person use your own money. Unless the person you’re taking it from says you can, but that isn’t stealing :/
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