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My Desert Pyramid & Ocean towns!

The True Destroyer

The Destroyer
Really good builds! Ocean one's especially good. I've seen the painted-web-rope trick, it really gives a use to this otherwise-weird-looking rope. I also thought there had to be a use for hay... of course, how could I overlook thatched roofs!?

Sorry but I do have a bone to pick with that pyramid.

The smooth marble walls directly bordering the meteorite brick exterior looks a bit jarring to me, with the cool gray of the marble clashing against the subtle warm brick. I would suggest - real quick - you just replace the walls right near the edges with whatever-those-white-stucco-looking-walls-are-I-can't-think-of-them-off-the-top-of-my-head or simply using deep brown / brown paint (i think you might need deep brown but that might turn out a little too dark) to blend it in. I also considered recommending smooth sandstone walls but those are really dark. See what you think... just a suggestion ;)
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