Pixel Art My "Good" Sprites

Here is my request for you, good sir: the Pokémon Pawniard as a pet, with a Dusk Ball as a summon. Do you need reference to them? Keep up the good work.

Here it is
Dusk Ball.png
Can I request a Paladin Armor sprite?
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This is the "Best" spriting thread you will ever see. I hope you enjoy my sprites (Note: If you have any spriting requests they might take awhile. I have a lot of stuff to do) And i will also be updating this thread a bit with all the sprites i make. Now! i May OR May not do your requests if i feel they are to hard. And a big thanks to Paint.net for the transparency and MS Paint(i use ms paint to sprite, then i use paint.net for transparency)

Green star=Done
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Red star=Not done
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I hope you like these
and here they are

It's not like I will re sprite almost everything you've done
There is no best spriting thread. We all have different opinions and therefore someone could think this thread is bad.

Yes you
You little :red:
You will remove the quotes on "Good" right now

Because those sprites are good, not "good".
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