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Welcome to my old Terraria Headcanon!
This post is sort of a dramatized version of my old Terraria headcanon prior to Terraria 1.4's lore reveal.
Let me know what you think! This is the result of many years of random ideas while playing terraria, and piecing things together that I thought made sense to some degree.

Long, long ago, Terraria was a world in peace. Kingdoms and cities thrived, thousands lived together, and monsters weren't a threat at all under the watch of powerful warriors dedicated to keeping the world at peace.
Things were great, until the dryads of the world detected an imbalance in the world. Monsters were starting to get out of hand and things were getting difficult, but it still wasn't too much of a problem at the moment, until one day, something happened...
From far beyond the stars above, a powerful godlike being appeared. It's name unknown, but it and it's army of cosmic horrors took over the planet, quickly destroying many things. A war began between the monster hunters and the alien threats, but the space beings proved too powerful.
During the war, the world was plagued with many new kinds of powerful monsters, as well as diseased with corruption. Civilizations deep below the surface boiled and were twisted beyond repair.
This powerful godlike alien identified itself as the "Moon Lord", and it came to take over this planet for the purpose of giving it's people a new world to live, but they cannot live there with the presence of the pre-existing humans.
During this war, most humans were killed off, and things looked grim until one day, 2 heroes climbed their way up.
These two heroes were very powerful, and together, were able to turn the tides of the war, and face off against the Moon Lord.

After a long and hard battle, the Moon Lord was defeated... But not without punishment.
In an attempt to avenge his fallen comrades and himself, the Moon Lord used every last bit of his power and cast it out to the world, sending one final wave of death over the entire world, and transforming into some kind of shard of power.
Both of the heroes were affected, one getting killed and the other being gravely damaged.
The surviving hero knew he had to destroy the shard somehow, but kept it on him for a while as he tried to figure out what to do next.

The surviving hero took his friend across the world to find a more peaceful, unaffected place to bury him, but something within him changed. Instead of saying goodbye to his lost friend, he looked at the shard of power that the Moon Lord produced, and looked at his deceased friend, and, while it was likely selfish of him, decided to try and use this shard to revive his friend.
At the cost of the survivor's own soul bound to the world, his friend was revived, and given great power, but with a loss of his memories.
The survivor, now weak and cursed, decided that the best he can do now is to be his revived friend's guide.

So, that's that! That's pretty much a dramatic version of my headcanon! I'm going to go through a couple of things in-game and explain how they matched my headcanon.
Also it should be noted that this headcanon assumes the player only fights bosses ONCE and that NPCs don't die during their time in the game.
Also also, please don't complain about this not matching official lore, as I've said, this was my headcanon before the 1.4 lore reveal!

  • The player is the "dead friend", he/she is revived with great power (which is why you get extremely OP as opposed to the NPCs which stay weak), and a loss of memories
  • The Guide is the other hero/survivor, and he's weakened due to his sacrifice. The wall of flesh is a being that was created during The Guide's sacrifice as a curse binding him to the world. He also unknowingly sealed away some of the chaotic monsters in the world with this sacrifice, which is why hardmode even happens when defeating the Wall of Flesh.
    - It should also be noted that defeating the Wall of Flesh "frees" The Guide from his curse. In the headcanon, he does die, but is reincarnated.
  • The Corruption is brought about by the Moon Lord's world-corrupting magic.
  • The Crimson is a piece of the Moon Lord that was lost during a battle, and sprouted into an entire biome.
  • Hell was once a civilization of underground dwarves (like the demolitionist), which were corrupted into demons and monsters.
  • The NPCs that move in are the far and few surviving humans.
  • Somehow, goblins weren't as affected since they're not human enough to have been extremely endangered by the Moon Lord's final blast.
  • The Dungeon is one of the very few structures that survived the World Ending blast. It's also thought that the Moon Lord retreated there in the form of another powerful shard, and some of his magic cursed an old man to be the guardian.
  • The cultists are actually some few humans trying to find the power shard of the Moon Lord and use it to wage war back on Moon Lord's own home planet, but the player misinterprets them as summoning the Moon Lord back (which The Guide tells them about prior)
    - The pillars event happens after the lunatic cultist is defeated due to the fact that the player messes up the ritual and accidentally revives Moon Lord... Well, mostly. He's still missing his legs. That's why the Moon Lord isn't as nearly as powerful as before, but still one heck of a fight.
  • Bosses like Eye of Cthulhu and Brain of Cthulhu are chunks of Moon Lord lost in battles, evolved into monsters.
  • Eater of Worlds is an inhabitant of Moon Lord's home planet.
  • Bosses like the Queen Bee, King Slime, Plantera, Golem, and Duke Fishron are native to the world of Terraria, but are twisted and powered up due to Moon Lord's influence.
  • The Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon events are non-canon
  • Blood Moon is an event that only started happening after the war, as the world's balance went so far off, even the moon was affected.
    - Same applies to Solar Eclipse.
  • Ocram is another inhabitant of Moon Lord's planet, as well as one of his close friends. (Yeah, I know, having a console exclusive be canon, but not 2 whole events seems a little unfair, but idk what to say.)
  • Martians are an unrelated alien species, but are canon.
  • Pirates are groups of surviving humans that raid places because well, what else are you going to do in a post apocalyptic world?
    - Just because most humans were wiped out doesn't mean there are like 4 left, there are still many thousands on the world of terraria, but that's it... Many thousands.
  • The lihzahrds and their temple were mostly unaffected as they were already deep underground and in ruins, though it's thought that Moon Lord's influence caused them to become feral.
  • During the mechanic's time in the dungeon, the power shard of Moon Lord spoke to her, and had her start to build a new army (which explains the mechanical bosses), but she was saved from the dungeon before working on another (which would have been a mechanical Brain of Cthulhu.)
That's about all the points I can remember now, but if there are any questions you have, let me know! I'll try and explain things that fir with my previous headcanon if I can.
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