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I have got to get the hang of the search function. I didn't find this when I was looking for "knight" or "Four Leaf Clover" for some reason. Was the clover part added before 10/25? I made my own thread and tried to find if someone had beaten me to it before posting.

I do like much of what saw. I would welcome many of the new accessories, but I think it could be more interesting if you needed a new crafting station for some of them. As much as I find it annoying to swap out my boots it starts to get a little over powered after a while. How about a ungraded Tinkerers Workshop? It would ether need late game items to craft or be sold after you beat Plantera.
An upgraded tinkerer's workshop isn't that bad of an idea. I'll think about it, but I like the idea.
I didn't see this before I posted mine, crap, but I do like it. Hope you don't mind the competition when it comes to knight npcs!
Okay, I know I screwed up on the last time I made this joke, but...
My Super-Amazing Suggestions? Aren't you just a little bit biased?
Oh, and by the way...
Ice Golem quest: "When adventuring in the glaciers, I kept slipping and falling. Bring me back some of that ice so I can play some tricks on *name of a random town NPC*. You'll get to watch him trip and fall."

Wolf: " I would like one of those things on the glacier that I saw earlier as a pet but they bite. Prove to me that you have made sure it can't and you will be rewarded.

Great ideas. I see the Dragon bone sprite is modeled after the ones from Skyrim.
For a quest from the knight how about an gravitating clump from a world feeder - 15% chance. He will say, " The wizard wanted I to take a clump of planet to thy, but I couldn't be asked -for I have no heart." Only in a blood moon. BTW, I wanted to try a rhyming one, and more Middle English, so change it if you wish! I will think of another from an iChor Sticker or Floaty Gross if you want too. Well done! I want all your suggestions to go into the game.
Dungeon Mimics shouldn't drop the bone feather. It doesn't make sense for a chest to drop a feather. I know that makes every other mimic drop seem stupid but it just doesn't fit. You have been:

canflagsolo24 1.png
i like the knight
(not to read into this that i dislike the rest, just that i like the knight)
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I love your ideas! Your second way of writing for him definitely sounded better :p Here's some various suggestions and things for the Knight:


Paladin's Armor: Vanity set, has the appearance of the Paladin enemy's armor

Paladin's Greatsword: A broadsword, around the same damage as The Horseman's Blade, same color scheme as the Paladin's Hammer, otherwise just a basic sword

Trusty Lance: Summons a Noble Steed (Horse in battle armor) to ride on. When riding, you carry a lance, which deals some serious knockback to enemies, and can be used to Joust with other players.


"Back in the good 'ol days, I was adventuring into the Hallow with my fellow knights and my king, when we were attacked by pixies and unicorns! We lost our king, and we don't know what happened to his sword either" (Definitely needs to be edited to make it fit ith the character :p)


Wyvern - When I was just a lad, before I served me King, I saw a dragon! A dragon I say! Me family didn't believe me, but I know what I saw! Bring be back its tooth, so I can prove I was right!
As a Terrarian Builder, I need this Builder Emblem now k thanks redigit and Cenxx
These are all pretty good. One thing is that the knight sounds more like an angry Scottish guy. Maybe have a quote with more of a Shakespearean vibe? (Thou, Thy, Forsooth, etc) and maybe something referencing his difference with the Steampunker ("Aye, that [Name of Steampunker] is quite the lass, her machines are somethin of lore!")

Best of luck, these are actually some really good suggestions. Some of the accessories need to be revised as well as the luck set, but they are good ideas in essence. Props to the spriter.

Love these suggestions, especially the knight and Clover equipment. Also, nice Shovel Knight reference. ;)
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I love the knight!

These were added in 1.3 with different names and sprites:
The Nightmare Medallion
Solar Tablet
Number 8: Builder Emblem.

Crafted with 1 Toolbelt,
1 Extendo Grip,
1 Brick Layer,
and 1 Portable Cement Mixer.

Looks like an emblem with a hammer. No penalties for combining.
Architect Gizmo Pack -toolbelt
Number 7: Member Card.

Crafted with 1 Discount Card
and 1 Lucky Coin.

Looks like a golden credit card. No penalties for combining.
Greedy Ring
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