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My thoughts on T:OW and a few questions

Discussion in 'Terraria: Otherworld General Discussion' started by Schwender.exe, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Schwender.exe

    Schwender.exe Terrarian

    My major gripe with T:OW is the lack of information we've been given, to state this upfront I am a programmer, I know how long it takes to program a game and I know how frustrating bugs are. With that out of the way I would like to start this off with a simple question, and that question is: "why aren't we being updated at all on the development of T:OW anymore?" the last I've even heard of any news for T:OW was from September 2016 from re-logic showing off an amazing screenshot, after that we got more info around April 2017 which a few articles stating T:OW is just being passed on (code and all) onto Pipeworks Studios while IGN stated it's "Canceled and Restarted". other then that the only other news we've heard from pipeworks' streams is "we can't talk about it" or "we don't have a release date" and (in my opinion) that's not cutting it. so... is T:OW being worked on? or is it on hold? because of how much they're showing of Terrarias upcoming update and even stating on stream that there will be more updates after the upcoming one I and many other want to have at least some info on T:OW. sorry if I seem a bit angry or annoyed, but that's because I am. me and a few of my friends love Terraria to bits, we played nothing but Terraria for a week just to try and get through another run of the game (we've played at least 10 runs of the game each with 100+ hours, me clocking in at total 442 hours so far) along with my fear that T:OW was somehow canceled or put on hold, the website of T:OW hasn't been updated at all the contact info is still listed as re-logic's email (if this is\because it's a partnership between re-logic and pipeworks studios then please tell me below!) because we haven't gotten any word at all about T:OW other then (as I said before) on stream saying "we can't say anything about it". to finish rant/mumbling off, I hope that T:OW comes out great, I hope I didn't come off as mean spirited, I definitely want T:OW to succeed, my main point to pipeworks is to at least update the fan base on the progress of the game, I've come onto the forums to see 3 or 4 new posts asking "what happened to T:OW" which shows it's not just me wanting to know what's going on behind the curtain. if the game got delayed, then tell us at least. Don't be afraid to tell the community the state of the game!

    Best Wishes - Schwender.exe

    (P.S. I hope development is going well, and sorry for this rambling, I've been holding this in for weeks and needed to vent it out because I really am excited for this game!)
    (P.S. P.S. sorry that this is my first post on the forum! I didn't join until now because I didn't really have a reason to post until now.)
  2. landstalker

    landstalker Terrarian

    Hi Mike,
    You might know how to program a game, but nothing as complex as Terraria. Nor do you know how difficult the situation must be for Re-Logic and Pipeworks. They have had to pick up the pieces of the incredibly late and below-standard version from the original developers and either attempt to fix what was broken, or to throw everything out and start again.
    Either possibility will lead to massive headaches and a lot of hard work.
    Saying ANYTHING to the forums/fans only stokes the fires and starts endless discussions about budgets/problems/solutions/suggestions all of which serve no purpose.

    It is understandable that the fans would like to hear something, but truthfully speaking, it's not the end of the world. It's a game and if the release of T:OW is keeping people awake at nights and causing them grave concern, then they really should take a step back and get their priorities straight.

    It's a game.
    There's plenty of others to keep people occupied until T:OW sees the light of day or not.
    And even if, after all this time, it is cancelled. That would not be a negative reflection on Re-Logic or Pipeworks. Sometimes you just have to realise you can't keep throwing money at a problem. You can't throw good money after bad and expect a solution.

    The game is has been in "development" since 2013, with the original team sitting on their hands and doing nothing for the first twelve months.
    It stumbled into motion in 2014 with no goal, no vision and no design.
    It was being designed as it was developed, which is never a wise move.
    Failure was unsurprising.

    Re-Logic's only real failing was trusting their IP in the hands of others.
    T:OW probably should never have been attempted.
    It certainly should never have been announced to the public so early.
    There truly was nothing other than some screenshots.
    Interest was rallied on something that didn't really exist.

    Time passed and one mistake followed another.

    Eventually, Re-Logic realised their trust was ill-founded and they reclaimed their IP.

    Sadly, the public was now awaiting something that was years away from completion.

    Pipeworks are almost certainly doing everything in their power to revive this product and actually give it some coherent shape and purpose.

    Give them the time to do this.
    Be patient.
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  3. Schwender.exe

    Schwender.exe Terrarian

    thanks for the reply Landstalker, I didn't mean to come off as trying to rush development or anything like that. I was just concerned about the T:OW and wanted to know
    1. Is T:OW still being worked on? we haven't heard from it since the trade off of Terraria to pipeworks studios
    2. if T:OW isn't in development then why haven't they told us? keeping fans waiting of a game not coming is what's annoying me.
    sorry if my post seemed like a rant that they should speed up development or something like that!
  4. Kip_

    Kip_ Retinazer

    Don't worry bro, they have said it is still just development and if it ceases to, they will tell evryone. And theyou have told us that it still is in development. Don't worry, it will eventually be realeased. :)
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  5. Schwender.exe

    Schwender.exe Terrarian

    yea I jumped into the stream today and first thing they said was "it's in development, we haven't stopped working on it" :happy: I don't know if they do it every stream because I usually join later on, but yea
  6. Kip_

    Kip_ Retinazer

    Stream? What stream?
  7. Schwender.exe

    Schwender.exe Terrarian

    Terraria Official stream, they do it weekly on twitch
  8. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    how many time they did it? Oh right, let me point out which one got an update, they have several games already out and nothing to deal with, which they still update the regular terraria, then that game pixial space game and something else. They were about to place the game until something about the pay program and contract? oh yea remembering last year how could I forget -_- no meme picture, just text (no regularation rules about it). They said they are going work with the program as it been a year which they could of been done when I got done building my house made out of clay bricks and keep it old school work it out which it took me a week be done gathering free real world materials. Come back my civilian life still find it in my great disappointed they didn't unlesh it or talk about it.

    I think the game is finish, they won't have any time finish it because they keep on making people hope for it until rest of them sick of tire and leave the game and forget about the game, keep track history how many gaming company failed was total 50 company and names had forgotten. I noticed this company is small had surpised me back in the past they were able make it, but showing the view now, there is tons broken promies which giving the players scatching head long period time. I know this, but too many delays of its time, for many people said when. For I don't think I want buy the game no more because if it took them this long I probably will turn away and I believed others will to do the same because other games out there plenty to be fished out the sea, but if this game doesn't come out this coming year, then no one going give care for the rest. I say it harshly because one when you vow a promies or say you will, you have a crowd's eyes on you which more then millions people are watching, but if you break it too many time, they will reconized you as promies breaker and won't lead their money to you no more when the trust you made between them and you, you had not hurt them, but the promies that you swore which making yourself a lier to yourself and others.

    All I can say, I am going let this game die which I am letting it go for it has unfill promies.
  9. Firere012

    Firere012 Terrarian

    I'm assuming English is like your second or fourth language or something like that... but grammar please? I literally cannot understand what was said here.
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  10. landstalker

    landstalker Terrarian

    Tsk, tsk.
    I got my wrist slapped for making a comment like this. But I have to agree, it's fairly incomprehensible.
  11. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @Firere012, even when another member's post may be hard to decipher, this forum isn't going to be a place where members can tell other members to work on their grammar. I get it, some posts may be hard to understand because of the writer, that's a fact. Give the member some grace instead of commenting with a condescending remark. Thanks.
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