Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary

So many people complaining about the Zoologist just because she's an antropomorphised animal... I mean, we already have a literally half-nude nature spirit (Dryad), a humanoid lizard witch doctor, a humanoid fungus and even a cyborg... She doesn't feel so out of the ordinary for Terraria.
Agreed. For whatever reason, anything remotely resembling "teh furry" seems to uniquely upset some people.

But looking at the bright side, one great thing about Terraria is the ability to easily use texture packs (especially now that they'll be more accessible than ever in 1.4). I'm sure they'll be one or two packs that will make this npc look more basic or whatever people prefer, so everybody wins!
Please stop with this. The hype is already off the charts, there's no need to keep going! In all seriousness, this is amazing. Can't wait for Journey's End!
Please stop with this. The hype is already off the charts, there's no need to keep going! In all seriousness, this is amazing. Can't wait for Journey's End!
You dont remember all the other Journey's End threads, like the Vanity contest finalists one.
GUYS. What if to get the entry for the critters you need to make the terrarium version and interact with it. This would be AMAZING. Especially with the whole town pet addition I don't think it would be too far fetched to think they could add a little animation when you interact with terrarium critters.
New NPC?
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this looks amazing... and the zoologist is a furry! :dryadtongue:

i do wonder, though... will it be impossible to have both corruption and crimson creatures in a single bestiary? i assume so, since only one can naturally appear in a world, but i figured i'd ask, anyway.

also, what about enemies you will only fight a limited number of times? skeletron can only be fought once, right? unless i've missed something that was added at some point to allow you to summon him again?

will the dungeon guardians be in the bestiary? ...i suppose they'll be effortless to add to it in journey mode. :dryadnaughty:

it's going to be SUCH a painful wait for 1.4 to arrive on consoles... and i imagine it's gonna take even longer due to the state of the world, at the moment. %:sigh:
Skeletron can be summoned via the Clothier Voodoo Doll. Sounds like the dungeon guardian however might not require killing it to fill in its data. It's also not impossible to get crimson and corruption in the same bestiary when you can import seeds from one world to another and create a new crimson or corruption.

EDIT: Worth saying I'm really excited for the bestiary feature. :) One of the things I was looking forward to most. I wasn't expecting an NPC to be tied to it.
Oh boy... Wonder collecting the bestiary data from the Dungeon Guardian.
Killing Skeletron will make the bestiary impossible to 100%. :/

Edit:. Also, that feature will be perfect when using rpg mods. :D
You know, grinding.
you had my attention, now you have my brain boner, i have an incessant need to fill bestiaries when every i find them in games, and i absolutely love pet systems

And I have my life on a TIMER until JOURNEY'S END

This is great. Everything is great.

You guys are amazing and you are still doing more! Cannot wait until Journey's End.
if we have to kill multiple of an enemy, does that mean we have to kill multiple dungeon guardians :eek:
i have no idea, they are pretty annoying and normally require making new worlds due to players killing skeletron first, so maybe like some spawner or statue? :merchantindifferent:
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